1. The Romanov family was not removed by the Russian people but none other than a Jewish New York banker program to destroy the Russian Orthodox Church and the Russian people and to have a geopolitical base where by to invade Germany and elsewhere. The Bolshevik “revolution” was a non Russian foreign invasion by Jewish revolutionaries, i.e., Ema Goldman and friends.

    Ask German military from the WWII era and they will tell you that they were fighting Bolshevik influence in their country running wild in the streets and in the media and their infrastructure. There’s more to the story other than Hitler was an evil man, the 6 million figure and the death camps. A lot more.

    How many did the Bolsheviks with there Jewish leadership and backing kill in Russia? Dear God, there is a “holocaust” of gigantic proportions. The starvation of the Ukraine run by these Zionist criminals is beyond belief. Wonder when Stephen Speilburg going to do a movie?????

    The writer of the article is suggesting that they want to remove the name of the murderers, I’m sure they can find their descendants in Israel.

    The wheels are coming off this old tired bus.

  2. What an odd statement made by the local MP V. Petrov which was italicized in the original for emphasis:

    “At present Russia is undergoing a complicated process of regaining its glory and worldwide influence. I am sure that in this historical moment the Romanovs would not stay away from all the processes that are taking place in Russia,” he added.

    Its almost as if this were an open invite.

  3. What is interesting is the main lines of the Bourbons of France Romanovs of Russia were exterminated within a hundred and thirty years of each other. But the ruling dynasties of Prussia, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Sultanate were deposed but not destroyed. A post on that might prove enlightening.

    1. If you check history you’ll notice when a monarch is deposed by his own people they always kill them,perhaps so they can’t ever come back in power as well as payback. Another monarchy,even an enemy,will almost never kill another recognized royal,its the unwritten law of royalty,(based on self preservation I’d imagine) . Anyone killing a royal,even for good and necessary reasons,will be eternally vilified by the royal houses of the world. Just sayin.

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