1. All this talk about symbolism and not one mention that the double pointed sword is the Sword of Ali–Zulfiqar. The patch says we are fighting with the Shia against the Sunni. Iran is not the only Shia majority state in the Muslim world–Iraq, Azerbaijan and Bahrain have a majority, and there are large communities in Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and Saudi Arabia. The huge oil fields of Iraq and Baku in Azerbaijan all have majorities. Even the huge Saudi Ghawar oil field is in a Shia area. So the patch says we are not Sunni, we are not ISIS, in my humble opinion. And no I am not saying the patch is not lying, it may be lying about the force supporting Shia in order to influence the Shia on whose land the oil fields are located.

  2. Nidster,

    Thanks for the link.

    Peter Levenda’s Sinister Forces Trilogy gives further confirmation of Parsons, Crowley and the space program. Throw in Nazi dark occultism and it’s a chilling revelation. The dragon is a symbol in the scriptures via book of Revelation and I’m sure these creatures are drawing energy from there as well.

    Dr. Farrell’s research on the Knight Templar from the middle and dark ages is further confirmation as to where the imagery for these patches and historical secret societies that are operating here and now.

    We are being programmed for the final act of a hideous play.

    The question that I have and it is my impression that Dr. Farrell alludes to in Yahweh the Two Faces God, is, can we consciously step outside the “Play” and not participate?

    Do I, as a Christian philosophically need to step up and have my head cut off because of the ritual play alluded to in scripture and elsewhere.

    As the new saying goes….this really creeps me out. LOL (sort of)

  3. marcos anthony toledo

    Welcome to occult America this should make every NAZI INTERNATIONAL proud. Yes thanks for the link Nidster

    1. Thanks for that Nidster, those mission patches certainly raised my eyebrows and discomfort levels. NOYFB indeed.

  4. Well, there’s even a patch so now it’s official, the US is hellbent to wreck another ME nation state and will not be stopped no matter the stupid of it. USSA jihadis FTW!

    Green field of Islam… check!

    Yellow for “yellow gold”… check!

    Not only does the patch rework the Muslim Brotherhood logo, but the hilts have these snazzy little S or Z shapes, like swastikas, or Z for Zion, or SS for, well, the SS (all the same psychos in the end).

    Also, the scimitar blades can be read as two Is, and the hilts as two Ss. Gee, two Is and two Ss… I+S+I+S=ISIS. Who’da thunk?

    Three stars in a triangular formation, now whatever could that mean?…

  5. marcos anthony toledo

    Is a coming out move for the CSA dumping Militant Christianity for Militant Islam to serve it’s imperial interest.

  6. Pam Gellar?

    Must be true, and make complete sense. Not.

    No one would ever put swords on military patch.

    What’s with all the new website java script?

    1. There are mission patches with the likeness of aliens, dragons, serpents, human skulls, pyramids, the ‘all-seeing-eye’, knights holding swords, minotaurs, phoneix, winged-serpents, devil-creatures, sorcerors, magicans, the moon and various other nefarious objects. Many patches have cryptic symbols, Latin words such as “Melior Diabolus Quem Scies” that roughly translates to mean “The Devil You Know”. Its a wonder no one has come up with a likeness of Obama dressed as the 12th Iman on a patch.

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