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November 12, 2015 By Joseph P. Farrell

This fascinating article was shared by Mr. S, and while the details are scanty, if true, it warrants a few flights of our customary "high octane speculation":

The Arab League to Create Joint Arab Military Force

Note that the cover story here is that the Arab league nations - which include Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Syria - are doing so to counter "terrorism":

The joint force is intended to combat security threats to the Arab region, particularly emanating from “terrorist organisations”. The drafted plan describes where and how the force would be put into action. Membership is “voluntary”. A decision to intervene would be based on a request from a member state “facing threats.” Defense ministers of member states would run the force, with two-thirds of votes required to pass decisions.

But what might be going on behind the scenes here? What's the "high octane speculation"? I suspect, and the article itself suggests, that Saudi Arabia is behind this manuever, for it mentions the Saudi-led intervention in Yemen. As I've suggested in previous blogs, however, the barbaric kingdom is sensing a geopolitical shift in the region due to the recent Russian intervention in Syria, and this may consequently be another signal that we are witnessing growing worldwide revolt against American unipolarism and "regime change" via covert operations. It is, to put it country simple, a revolt against American use and sponsorship of the very radical Islamic terrorism it claims to be fighting.

But it is also, clearly, a response against Russia. As the article indicates, this all-Arab-league joint military force would respond to "requests from member states," a point that has been reiterated time and again by Mr. Putin for Russia's response in Syria: Russia was invited by a sovereign state to do so, and notwithstanding the dogma of Mr. Global that nation states are obsolete, international law still functions with that concept. Period. End of Discussion. (And let us not forget also, that this is most probably also a response to Turkey and the various signs of revanchisme emanating from that country in recent months as well).

So it would appear that this latest move is really an attempt to provide a local counterbalance to potential great power intervention.

This does not, however, alleviate the Saudis' difficulties, for their regime is a beacon of backwardness and barbarism to the rest of the Islamic world to the extent that one has difficulty imagining Mr. Assad in Damascus calling on the Saudis or any such Arab League joint military force. They may smoke cigars and drink alcohol when visiting the West to buy their racehorses, but they still run a mediaeval backwater, and everyone knows it.

My high octane prediction? I suspect that for a time, such a force will exist, but ultimately, it is not going to save the radical agenda much less the Saudis, for no one there wants a "caliphate" controlled by Riyadh, and no one else wants a caliphate at all.

See you on the flip side...