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November 22, 2015 By Joseph P. Farrell

In the wake of the Paris attacks there's some heavy moves taking place, moves which perhaps signal a re-alignment of France with Russia, according to these two important articles shared with me this past  week from readers of this site:

Hollande to tell Obama Europe can’t wait for US war of attrition with ISIS to succeed – report

German Economic News Infers France Will Re-Align with Russia, Abandon U.S.

The bottom line here is thet France is now singing essentially the same tune as Russia, and has added a line of lyrics all its own. The "same tune" is that which Mr. Putin's intervention in Syria has demonstrated: the American anti-terror effort has been largely ineffective at best, and a sham at worst, ever since the disastrous American invasion of Iraq. Radical groups have been sponsored by the USA and some of its allies, to the destablization of the region and, now, to the growing international threat posed by radical Muslim groups. But France has added its own verse to the song, and that is that France, and Europe, are in literal danger of being swamped by refugees, many of whom have no intention of assmiliating into western culture, but every intention of conquering it and changing it... for the worse. And as the RT article makes clear, it is now the USA which, by insisting on "regime change" in Syria - one of the very reasons it helped arm and train ISIS back in the day that they were just "freedom fighters" - that is blocking international cooperation on what would seem to be a more fundamental problem: the terrorism itself and its state backers.

So let's concentrate on the second article linked about, and point out some things that probably didn't make SeeNoNews(CNN), Faux News, or SeeBS:

U.S. President Barack Obama’s continuing refusal to work together with Vladimir Putin’s offensive in Syria to slaughter all jihadists there, has driven French President Francois Hollande to consider a fundamental re-alignment of France with Russia and away from the U.S. and NATO (the anti-Russian military club of nations). Recent news reporting in German Economic News — a news medium with an uncanny and extraordinary record of subsequently validated insights — is now suggesting that Hollande is, indeed, moving away from the United States, and toward Russia. If they get this one right, too, then that publication, known in its native language as Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten, or DWN, will have cemented its leading position as a reporter of global affairs.

On November 17th, they bannered, “Putin Instructs Russian Navy to Treat France as an Ally.” Two days later, on the 19th, they headlined, “France Praises Putin: He Fights Sincerely Against Terrorism,” and reported that France’s “Foreign Minister Fabius praised the Russian president Putin. Francois Hollande meets with Putin.The Senate spokeswoman calls for the end of the sanctions. After the terrorist attacks, the two countries also cooperate militarily.(Emphasis added)

And, consider these  statements toward the end of the article:

"DWN’s report on the 19th says “Angela Merkel limits her support of France in the fight against jihadists to merely platitudes. ‘Our thoughts are always with the victims, with the injured and their families, and we are always working closely with our French friends. … This act of inhumanity targets all of us.’” 

"No one can doubt the tensions that exist between member-nations within the EU, but the possibility that France might go so far as to separate itself from Germany and from the U.S. and join the alliance of Russia, Syria, and Iran, against the international jihadist movement, which is strictly Sunni and is financed mainly by the royal families in Saudi Arabia, Qater, UAE, Bahrain, and Kuwait (and here you have “Al Qaeda’s Bookkeeper Spills the Beans” about that), is virtually unprecented, and of enormous potential significance. Only time will tell whether that possibility will turn into a reality — an actual transformation of the global power-structure."

There are a number of things to note in this article, and that is (1) the de facto cooperation of the French and Russian navies in the wake of the Paris attacks, and (2) the fact that the perception, at least of some French and some French officials, is that Mr. Putin's efforts to combat jihadism are sincere and genuine, while America's are not. One can not ponder this assessment long enough, for perceptions usually, if not always, transcend any high octane speculations - mine or otherwise - that one might advance.

But notice the last two paragraphs referring to the German Economic News website, for they are crucial and, if one permits me to indulge in a bit more high octane speculation, betoken a similar eventual move on Germany's part. There are two things to note: (1) the German Economic News is portraying Merkel's government as weak and platitudinous, and indeed, many Germans are growing very uneasy with the way Merkel has mishandled the refugee crisis, essentially throwing open the borders of Germany with little to no regard for the German national security.

We'll get back to Germany in a moment, but also consider the last cited paragraph, one clearly pointing the finger to the Sunni influence within jihadism, and clearly fingering "the royal families in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, (the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Kuwait" as the principal state actors behind ISIS. Throw in the USA's own covert involvement and you have, if I may borrow the phrase, "an axis of evil" which the USA has hypocritically ignored.

What this is suggesting is what I have speculated about before: those countries are on the long term menu. Why long term? Because an effective strategy to deal with them internationally has yet to be formed, and that will be inclusive of financial strategies, how to minimize the effect of concerted action on energy supplies and prices, and so on. Mr. Hollande and Mr. Putin will doubtless be discussing some of these things after Mr. Hollande's visit to Washington.

So what about Germany? Well, for one thing, note that it is a German website and news analysis source that has said, openly and plainly, what everyone knows, but no one wants to mention: the big, useless White Elephant called Saudi Arabia, squatting in all its barbarbic and mediaeval malediction, in the center of things. But Germany's trade and historical relationship has always lied with two other Muslim powers, one of them an inplacable enemy of Saudi Wahhabism: Iran. Indeed, if one looks closely at German-Iranian trade, this is quite extensive, and includes even nuclear technology(Germany having closed the nuclear fuel cycle decades ago).  The main point to understand is that here, as elsewhere, Germany's economic realities and "the facts on the ground"(as Mr. P.T. said to me recently), lie much more heavily to the East, and in this case, to Iran, than the do to the West(America), and its barbaric and cruel Saudi ally.

It may not be a sudden move on Germany's part (unless Frau Merkel comes to her senses, or her government is replaced by a more German-friendly German government), but it is an inevitability. If Merkel holds on to her coalition, it will take longer, if she does not, there could be a quick realignment. And that in turn could lead to more complications: imagine a sweeping move in western Europe, not only to resolve the refugee problem, but to pin the blame on at least part of where the blame should be pinned: America's disastrous foreign policy in the region since 9/11. This swells into popular movements in western Europe to remove all American bases, a movement to which American must respond by removing its bases, leaving only eastern Europe and, you guessed it, "staunch pro-American" allies like Turkey or Israel, to house them. In this unthinkably grim scenario, the short-sightedness of American pollicy has left it with some of the most unwholesome "friends" one can think of.

So it's high time to rethink things...

See you on the flip side...