1. Did anyone dig up any more on this one yet? Seems a major issue to see so little about in mr global’s msm.

  2. The precision striking of AI versus AI in the 21st Century. Predictive offensive and defensive warfare programming built in with self-analyzing, self-organizing capabilities. Oh and autonomous drones at your AI disposal, how sweet, not.

    Perhaps the Russians were going to interrupt the next CERN test and so has been warned off from doing so, maybe they were churning through top secret JADE HELM data streams, correlating and understanding what the AI is made up of and some mechanism of some kind became aware and hence the attack.

    Perhaps the Russians have been behind the dozens of attacks on critical fiber-optic infrastructure in the western US the last couple of years and finally there has been some retaliation with boom goes the dynamite in the building that houses Russia’s most powerful supercomputer.

  3. This along with the death of the founder of RT, who was a Putin adviser, the attacks in France, along with the fact that there is a Climate change conference scheduled there. Putin asked that the subject of Geo Engineering be addressed as part of the conference, the airplane explosion of a Russian airliner…..very, very dark.

    Putin at one times, was on board as to this spraying of the upper atmosphere that is world wide. He is now questioning it and wants to bring attention to the REAL CAUSE OF CLIMATE CHANGE. uh oh!

    And yes, wonder what it was and if it is still in the present tense a super computer.

    Also the launch of missiles off the coast of CA…just a “test” you know, this happens all the time periodically.

    This stuff is happening so fast….and the dots get bigger and easier to connect.

      1. Another whopper!? If the Rosin affidavit is still in play. If the asteroid threat is to be next. If we assume for the moment that all these missiles were launched by the respective countries in whose air space they were launched. If we assume that Russia sent the Chelyabinsk object in themselves and shot it down. If we assume that the rash of accounts about the recent US military missile test in L.A. being more than meets the press (but not the eye). If we assume there are more purposes to the newly minted Chinese anti-satellite missile. Then at some point we should assume one more possibility and that is that we’re being tactically marketed for a future socio-political dilemma. Perhaps even a drama on the world stage.

        The ultimate question on people’s minds will be;
        Who actually has the best solution for the new and upcoming asteroid problem?

        Beginning with earth-based technologies and then, depending on whether we go along with it, after one maybe two minor cataclysmic events (blamed on limited earth-based situation, P-R-S in action) we’re sold on supporting super advanced machinations of mass destruction, up in space.

        Surrounding us 24/7/365 I might add.
        Ack, it’s bad enough with all these awful jet trails messing up the most beautiful blue skies in our solar system.

        1. Robert Barricklow

          Either the rocket man knew, in fact[through ancient texts, or some other method] that the asteroids were coming soon.
          Or, that it’s simply part of an ongoing deceptive storyline developed to maintain global control[but whose/whom in that control tower?].

    1. Milt is right the dark agenda is continuing full force.
      There do not seem to be convincing reports on chemtrails over Russia, I don’t know if anybody else in the forum has information in this regard.

  4. marcos anthony toledo

    Just wondering what this supercomputer was being prepare to be used for the TPTB would order a hit on it at this time.

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