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November 14, 2015 By Joseph P. Farrell

So many of you sent me this story that I have to comment about it, because most of you are probably thinking the same thing I am: the death of the founder of Russia's very popular RT television channel in Washington DC positively invites our usual high octane speculation:

Putin Associate Found Dead in DC Hotel

And, in case you're wondering about Lesin himself, there's this:

The Dark Past of Putin’s Media Chief

So without further ado, let's dive into the high octane speculation. The death of Mr. Lesin, in Washington DC no less, raises a number of questions, and occurs at a peculiar time, when suspicions already abound over the demise of the Russian airliner in Egypt. That sad event itself occurs in an even wider context of the Russian intervention in Syria, its evident success (so far) in combatting the Washington-sponsored ISIS, and in general showing up the American war on terror for the selective make believe that it is. (Of course, Russia and its Iranian ally and its ties to Hezbollah also need to be examined, and so far, the silence from Moscow on that issue has been deafening.) All of that occurs in the even wider context of the Washington-sponsored and supported coup in Kiev, the Russian couner-action in the Crimea, and the ongoing mess in the Donbass in the eastern Ukraine.

Lesin's death, in other words, couldn't have occurred in a more suspicious context. And interestingly enough, Russia appears to appreciate this problem, as does America, as stories very quickly appeared in both nations' media that Mr. Lesin had been suffering for a long time from some unspecified ailment or disease. And it could very well be the case; but whether the case or not, both countries seem eager to quash any ideas that his death was anything other than coincidental and natural.

So let's assume for the sake of argument, and our high octane speculation of the day, that it isn't. If not, what might it mean?

At one level, it would mean that there has been an escalation on the ongoing covert  warfare by which both countries are now fighting each other, and that escalation is significant. In many interviews and blogs, I have been suggesting for a number of years that the "new world order" - that all encompassing overarching conspiracy that so many people believe is behind everything - is a Mafia. The family, or factional, capi may indeed all meet around a table, smoke cigars and drink brandy, and plot how they're going to dominate the world. But that doesn't for a moment stop them from shooting at each other if there are disagreements as to method, timing, or, most importantly, which faction gets to rule the roost once the end game (world domination) is in sight. And if Mr. Lesin's death is ultimately determined to be of a "suspicious nature" or that "foul play is suspected," then what it may indeed herald is that there is now a full scale shooting war with prominent members of Mr. Putin's political "family" being in the crosshairs of American and western "covert ops."

That's a shooting war, folks.

And if that's the case, then the Russians will shoot back. Not obviously, of course, but nonetheless the message will be sent: prominent American advisors or corporate hacks may suddenly drop dead of heart attacks, have airplane accidents, ski into a tree, and so on. And as is the case in all such Mafia wars, the targets in each case will start "low", and work their way up to the more prominent members of each "family". If Mr. Lesin's death should eventually prove to be the result of foul play, then the message is "no one is now safe." If you're a player in the NWO Mafia, you're a potential target in any Mafia war.

So is this reading correct? Well, as noted, Mr. Lesin was apparently also dealing with some unknown ailment. So the "proof" of this high octane speculation - that WW3 has now moved into a full scale Mafia-style shooting war - may have to wait the coming months, and whether or not there are increasing suspicious deaths, or sudden resignations and replacements, in various governments.

So for now, a death is just a death...

See you on the flip side...