11 thoughts on “NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM DEC 10 2015”

  1. Not just Saudi Arabia. You don’t threaten nuclear strikes against non-nuclear powers that you can take out with conventional weapons. This was aimed indirectly at Israel & Pakistan who might be temped to “intervene” indirectly against Syria or Iran.

  2. What strange bedfellows power brings, looks like we’re being set up for yet another war, question is who is siding with whom behind the scenes, the public sphere is kabuki theatre, the real show is behind closed doors

  3. james dana and basta.
    it’s an intentionally pooched market way beyond price protection teams and gold/interest rates/ price fixes. ya got the general gist of my questions below. for once russia looks sensible, centered and well based in reality. while the rest of the world looks kooky in proportion to their squawking about russian and russian alliances. adults walking into wild child parties tend to cause at least some of the kids to act a bit more adult like. when that happens behaviors change fast. so where’s this lead the kids, feral and domestic?

  4. Is it not curious that vast amounts of crude/fuel oil held in large tankers e.g. from China etc are loitering around various ports around the world? At sea stockpiling perhaps? That alone is also sending a message that is no less poignant than missiles being fired……….

  5. If anybody was wondering about the response to the attack on the Russian aircraft (both of them), this sub-launched Cruise missile is it. Or at least one of the responses.
    On this “grand chessboard”, Saudi-but-not-for-much-longer Arabia is like the “rook” of dollar-denominated oil, powerful but with limited moves, and subject to being outflanked.
    So we (or the Russians) might link this with recent analyses by C.A. Fitts on the quandry of whether or not to maintain the current monetary system with zero-interest rates (though not zero for us ordinary mortals!), in a situation where the looming pile of derivatives consists mostly of interest-rate swaps; something historically unprecedented, thus making it even harder to handle for the patently inept oligarchs and their paid “experts”.
    So we will probably be seeing more “strangeness” on the diplomatic and financial fronts as the oligarch media scramble to adjust to changing scenarios and occasionally even reveal, by mistake, what is actually going on.

  6. Well that comment certainly served to focus people’s attention. Putin followed it up with an order to increase the effectiveness of Russia’s air-based nukes as well.

    So I don’t think this is aimed (pun intended) just at the Saudis. There’s a very long and growing list of people and organizations and nations to whom this applies.

    In the midst of rising world anarchy (don’t forget his UN speech when he called the current world situation “intolerable”), Putin just whacked the podium with his shoe and in the ensuing startled pause — with all the world’s criminals frozen for a moment amid their latest acts of plunder — he is pointing out that there are very real red lines for Russia, and the mounting provocations and assorted attempts to see just how far one can go in poking the bear had better stop.

    This is a very, very serious statement.

  7. So are Saudi and Pseudo-Ottomans two chickens who’s heads are on the chopping block. Pass their expiration dates and ready to be thrown in the dumpster or place in cold storage until they’re needed in some future political GREAT GAME on the World Game Board.

  8. yep. putin and obama too.

    joseph, what’s the list of possibilities should the saudi’s fall? what happens to the saudi/israel not-so-hidden alliance? what happens to oil markets? u.s. economy and war power? domestic economies?

      1. gotta love gnostic jan.

        self sufficient is relative. depends on what other sources (both petro and non petrol) come on line.

        that wasn’t all i was considering though. petro dollars are still at the core of central banking. the BIS and their central banks are gonna be dancing and bumping into each other fast getting onto the new fiat currency backed by what giving which countries and which oligarchs preferential treatment?

        what’s to bomb when oil fields aren’t worth more than scrapper’s metals? poppy fields lined with solar panels? if eu theory of electricity present everywhere and in all things comes public, then how to hold back the relatively free access to energy tesla brought out (ever so briefly)?

  9. Didn’t Putin and Netanyahu have a get together recently? I know my memory is getting flakey but I seem to recall something on this.

    I bet the Israelis are supplying Putin with all the info that the Americans won’t supply.

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