12 thoughts on “NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM DEC 17 2015”

  1. I’m sure the house of Saud is worried. They see what has happened to all the other leaders that went along with the USSA’s agenda. Once their usefulness was used up they were gonners.

    Hey Saud, how does it feel to be nothing special and totally reliant on your mercenaries and an unreliable partner for you very survival?

    Hopfully the Salafists will be purged as well. The Salafist leadership have sold their soul for 30 pieces of silver by looking the other way for all the abuses that the Saud royal family does. They are just sellouts for the almighty dollar like some TV preachers.

  2. The Saudi’s main infraction, at least within some powerful factions, has been to suppress global oil prices in order to attempt to wipe out the global fracking behemoth. That alone puts them on the chopping block.

  3. KSA is a late addendum to the PNAC regime change/ME Lebensraum list.

    Not every ME regime needing to be changed could be foreseen by the NeoZioCons before 9/11 (or, if you prefer to use their PC euphemism, “the anglosphere”).

  4. Good question Aridzonan, I’ve been thinking along those same lines, but you can be sure they do have a plan for a replacement system

  5. The question is who or what are the “they” or the “Anglosphere” which wants to do away with the $US and what will be proposed to replace it? Is there a dog not barking in the night (see: Doyle: “Silver Blaze”)in this story? There’s no mention of Israel in all this. Unwoof unwoof? Are both Turkey and SA being set up for a trip under the bus?

  6. If the House Of Saud is to be replace who will they replace with the Hashemite’s. Wasn’t the main line of that dynasty Bourbon-Romanov style liquidated in the late nineteen fifties in Iraq leaving only it’s cadet branch in Jordon. And isn’t Turkey’s head on the chopping block too along with our own elites heads as well. Who will be operating the guillotine and where will the executions take place.

    1. Marcos you appear to be very perceptive considering the interesting article that appeared lately which revealed the Saudi’s were seeking to hire more able-bodied men to help them keep up with all the be-headings that needed to be done in the kingdom. Then there was the news article that appeared not so long ago where Mr. Putin warned Recep Tayyip Erdogan to keep a vigilant watch over his shoulder lest someone come up from behind him looking to do Erdogan any harm.

    2. There is deep silence over the Hashemites in the “western” media but I am sure that this is not the case in the “Arab heartland”. And this will bring into play some of those issues being discussed in the recent webinars.

  7. The fall of the House of Saud would definitely be a game changer. The US’s unholy alliance with the Sauds has been the cornerstone of their control network. Question is, what are they planning to replace it?

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