17 thoughts on “NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM DEC 3 2015”

  1. Here’s my guess:

    Saudis get retired to hotels in Hawaii with trips to NY with Imelda to buy shoes. In another generation, or three, they’ll be voted in as tory senators or something in the new Democratic Republic of Arabia. Think of Bobo Marcos. There’ll be a couple more coups (spelling on plural?) over the generations. ahem. color revolutions.

    Erdogan shares a cell with Noriega in the war on terror.

    The Republic of Kurdistan reaches agreements with Exxon and starts shipping petrol in ernest.

    China ships the most and worst meat and produce and grain on the planet using slave labor, toxic methods and grant insane credit to all buyers.

    Russia ships huge organic highest quality sustainable growth biodynamic food all over the planet accepting only gold and silver physical in payment.

    Old former Soviet states not so secretly yearn to leave Nazi After Take Over and get back to USSR so they can stop fracking, gmo’s, Roundup, genocide, vaccines, and China’s food exports.

    Oh yeh and Japan gets huge help from Russia fixing Fukushima in exchange for helping develop SIberia.

    Now where the former EU states, the former USSA, OCanada and Mid and South America fit in are the puzzle pieces I don’t see yet?

    Anybody? Any help?

  2. Inland Empire Mysteries. A photo is circulating of the alleged body of the alleged gunman, dressed in the usual natty black tactical outfit. If he had already been killed, why handcuff the body? Or did he handcuff himself? Not likely. Or – perish the thought! – was this an execution? I leave it to the jury to decide…

  3. Spot on about the Sauds being on the menu Dr.Farrell , I’d say San Bernadino is another psyop job by the usual suspects , it sure did happen fast after Russia outed Tukey for buying oil from ISIS.

  4. aridzonan,
    i commented the other night about an antigun customer i talked with the night of san bernadino. we were talking in public and in spite of her dislike of guns, she referred to her preference for texas and arizona because of open carry. she acknowledged that gun free zones do not make her feel safer. we both agreed that at some point, one of these active shooter drills gone live will happen onto a well armed not so sheep like flock. the general public perception as of the gun vs antigun dialectic goes seems to be turning. it makes one wonder if the ptb are not in fact driving the sheep to arm up as in switzerland and israel instead of as in australia and uk.

    i seem to remember years ago that the first shooter to climb a bell tower (and hence make the term “bell tower type of guy” common parlance) was in that tower for awhlie and that when the cops got there, they had to work their way through the kill zone into the tower tactically. at every point along the way, they met armed citizens doing the same thing and they all worked together.

    i wonder how that’d go today.

    thank much you doc and all. these are possibilities i’d have come up with on my own – about 3 weeks from now. appreciate the learning curve bump.

    basta, gotta think there’s more than five on that agenda.

  5. San Bernadino is definetly a psyop job, just like Paris and a host of others, as far as the Sauds go I say good riddance, they are a disgrace to the human race

  6. A scheduled monthly “live shooter drill” gone live with masked, heavily armed gunmen and you can find gobs of info corroborating that already (knock me over with a feather), and a paramilitary police response with MRAPS and SWAT and black helicopters, all caught on film for the evening news. Gee, where have we seen this playbook before?

    Anyway, five birds with one stone (it may be glaringly obvious that it’s just another lie in a world narrative built on lies, but this psychopathic psyops carnage IS nonetheless effective):
    *another call for gun control/disarming the US public (essential to finish the job of wrecking the USA usher in Mr Global’s Serfer’s Paradise)
    *further re-enforce the radicalized Muslim terrorist/be-afraid-be-very-afraid meme
    *display paramilitary police-state stormtroopers as manly, can-do saviours like in a Jerry Bruckheimer film — “they’re the good guys!”
    *institute another lockdown/further advance the martial law conditioning
    *set out the first propaganda markers to legitimize throwing the Saudis under the bus

    Give ’em credit though, they sure do get their money’s worth from these monstrous lies.

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Thought-out long-ago.
      Brought to life; agendas passed.
      Like blowing the dust off the PATRIOT ACT; after operation 9/11.

  7. There were allegations that the crime scene had been the scene of active shooter SWAT drills?? I would have to say, that this could well be a Sirhan Sirhan style set up. The question is how many of these guys/patsies do they have in their quiver? My guess is, there are several entrained Sirhans/Lee Harveys/ etc that they can use for these little terror forays.

    It will be interesting to see if these attacks continue to happen in non gun toting States and/or in strictly “Gun Free Zones”. Please note I’m not a big fan of Sheriff Joe. However, he called upon the ~250k Concealed Carry types in AZ to aid in thwarting these style attacks. About five years ago, AZ went to “Concealed Carry No Permit” as a response to the house invasion / kidnapping epidemic that was rampant due to cross border Narco Traficante violence. It was successful in curbing those crimes.

    FedGov.Inc keeps BP and other LEA’s off of Federal Lands adjacent to the border that are prime smuggling corridors to the I-8 / I-10. Oh, I’ll say it again, Fast and Furious is still in operation. But, it’s on this side of the border.

    Be advised the Posse may be making a come back. However, if you own a firearm, get ye to the range and practice often, even if you are an expert. If you own a gun and have not had any formal weapons training then get some. Buying a weapon w/o the training is a half-fast solution.

    Tien cuidado todos..

  8. Robert Barricklow

    Saudi Arabia is going to have to keep one eye on the spider and the other on her web; because they are on the menu.
    The West is going to let the tree burn to save the forest.

    Saudi Arabia hasn’t changed. The only thing that has, is her U.S/PR machine.

    Saudi Arabia is being thrown under the social world’s bus. Turkey’s already there. Now maybe both can identify with the most of the world’s citizens; as their respective social contracts are disappearing as well.

  9. Interesting catch Dr. Farrell. Saudi Arabia being fingered as a ‘suspect state’.

    They way the Nefarium keeps going, I will need a score card to keep track of their tangled web.

  10. Well has the House Of Saud outlived it’s usefulness and how will it’s disposal will proceed. Hapsburg, Hohenzollern, Ottoman abdication or Bourbon, Romanoff family liquidation style.

    1. Will there perhaps be a Hashemite comeback? After all, THEY and not the Saud were the Sherifs of Mecca until the advance of the British-supported Saud clan.

      1. But Dana wasn’t the main senor branch of the Hashemite Dynasty liquidated in the mid fifties coup in Iraq. They had been made kings of Syria first before they were kicked out of there when the French took over Syria I think in the 1920’s.

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