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December 30, 2015 By Joseph P. Farrell

Many people sent versions of the following story, and as most know, I have to rant occasionally about the deplorable state of Amairikuhn edgykayshun, a cesspool of mediocrity that I have laid firmly at the feet of the pseudo-discipline of "education," the "doctors" of said subject, the stupidity of "teacher certification", a requirement based upon the nitwittery of progressivist educational philosophy that began in the 19th century in the USA after the War Between the States, and which has continued unabated until now in its most recent manifestation of mediocrity: common core and its "individualized assessment process." Consider this article and its bleak report:

Fully 65 percent of U.S. universities unable to successfully teach their students math, economics, government, science and literature

And this excerpt says it all:

"What Will They Learn? finds that the majority of college-educated students graduate without exposure to fundamental courses like American history, basic economics or literature. At many institutions, it is possible for students to graduate with little more knowledge of these basic courses than a high school student, often after paying $200,000 or more for their degree."

The various institutions were given "report cards" on their performance in terms of providing students with adequate knowledge of seven fundamental subjects considered essential for a classic liberal arts degree: "literature, composition, economics, math, intermediate-level foreign language, science and American government/history."

Out of the 1,100 colleges and universities involved, only 24 (two percent) were given an "A" grade for requiring six of the seven essential subjects.

Only three percent of both private and public institutions require Economics. Of public institutions, only 27 percent require US History/Government courses and only 10 percent of private institutions require the same.

A mere 13 percent require intermediate-level fluency in a foreign language.

Notably, the article points out that university education prices are skyrocketing, while the return on investment in the form of actually learning anything at these institutions of quackademia - other than, perhaps, learning how to be offended at anything, espcially if it does not espouse the loony leftist philosophy espoused by the majority of quackademia itself - declines. One may, of course, and in many institutions is now required to take courses in multiculturalism, gender studies, and be trained in various types of "sensitivity," all with the objective of learning how to be offended at points of view other than one's own. One does not have to learn the basic academic disciplines themselves.The average cost indeed leaves me breathless, for the entire cost of my own personal education, while high, was an order of magnitude smaller, and that included not just undergraduate, but graduate and post-graduate work!

My impression, when I read studies like this, remains the same: Amairikuhn Edgykayshun is fraud, pure and simple fraud, and the "professional educators" with their claptrap theories of methodology and pedagogy, all the courses on "educational psychology" and all the emphasis of "experts" on their "standardized tests" are to blame. And this at a time when the USA and the West in general are faced with an implacable and genocidal ideology, when it faces a rising challenge from Russia, China, India,a nd so on.It is time for local school boards to realize that if your superintendent or principal has a degree with "Ed." in it, it's probably time to be looking for someone with a degree without that symbol and signal indicator of mediocrity and nonsense, that is, start looking for the M.Sc.s and M.A,s, and if appplicants for positions have M.A., Ed., or M.Sc.,Ed on their resume, put them in the reject pile immediately. And Ed.D. goes right into the trash bin. And it's time, too, to dramatically curtail the salaries of "administrators" and to do away with the "cost-cutting" expedient of the adjunct professor, and to pay for real professors of real subjects from the bloated salaries of administrators and other essentially useless functionaries. Of course, if I had my way, I would put the Oxbridge system into place in the USA, where faculties are the administration of universities and colleges. But... I know... I dreaming.
See you on the flip side...