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December 20, 2015 By Joseph P. Farrell

The noises coming  out of Germany have been strange and contradictory for some time... really, if one goes all the way back to the aftermath of World War Two, but, more recently under Frau Merkel's government. Now it is in favor of a more active and interventionist foreign policy, now it isn't; now it does have enough troops and equipment to support France, then it did not.  Yesterday it would not cooperate in any venture In Syria without an agreement that Assad must go; now it seems ready to reopen its embassy in Damascus, and more:

Syria Stunner: German Intelligence "Cooperating" With Assad, Berlin May Reopen Embassy In Damascus

As Zero Hedge notes, the matter of Mr. Assad's government "having  to go" so that it can be replaced by a group of Washington-Riyadh sponsored barbarians and thugs appears to have been put on hold, and Germany is ready to reopen embassies (that was fast!) and to send BND cells to the country to provide intelligence (that was fast!)

But Zero Hedge caught something else, for not only has the BND already been in Syria cooperating with Mr. Assad for some time now, but there is a growing rift between the European "big three" and Washington's loopy policy concerning the region:

If Bild's report is accurate, it raises all manner of interesting questions about the West's ongoing military campaign in Syria. If Germany, France, and Britain adopt a more conciliatory stance vis-a-vis Damascus than the US, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, Washington will need to figure out how to reconcile its hardline stance towards cooperating with Assad in the war on terror with the divergent approach adopted by America's Western allies.

So what might all this mean?

Well, for one thing, the fact that the BND has been cooperating with Mr. Assad might mean one of two things. At one level, we've seen the BND make statements recently, only to be slapped down by the Chancery itself, indicating that Merkel's coalition government is beginning to fray around the edges, and that she herself may be losing control. But as I've mentioned before, her government also has a history and pattern of letting ministers and departments make controversial statements or take controversial decisions and steps while the Chancery appears aloof and "above it all" or, if one prefer, "not in touch or control.'

Either way, the BND was apparently cooperating with with Mr. Assad's regime during the period that Merkel herself was mouthing her part of the script handed to her by Washington.

My high octane speculation here? I suspect the BND's actions are more than just a case of a coalition government beginning to fray around the edges. It really is a case of reality coming home to roost in Berlln, and the reality is, the policy being set in Washington - and one really wonders if it's not ultimately being set in Ankara and Riyadh - is a complete and utter disaster, and the consequences for Europe have been heavy, and are fraught with dangers.

See you on the flip side. . .