1. I would agree. Great interview and interviewer.

    There was scuttlebutt of duty (AD Military) assignment postings for Space Command. Where it would be like “serving on a ship”. I’m trying to source that now. A lot of the “whistle blowers” I’ve listened to IMHO appear to have been manipulated / hypnotized / just not all there. However, I did listen to an Al Bielek (Philadelphia Experiment) interview that had reverse speach snippets that were very credible.

    I grew up in NOLA, watched the Shaw Trial daily, saw what they did to Jim Garrison and the trail of material witness bodies that ensued. Whistleblowers that are a real threat disappear fast. So, if real there are eye wintnesses accounts seeing the light of day. It is by design.

    My Dad was an Assistant D.A. of a near by Parish. Met Jim Garrison when I was twelve. He was an extremely intelligent, compassionate and a very tall individual. All prosecuters should be as smart and possess his level of humanity. But, that’s a tough combination to find.

  2. Hi Joseph,
    your discussion on the secret space conference and some of the undercurrent ressistance felt got me thinking about those alternative healers in germany a few weeks back. someone laced their food and drink with enough industrial strength next gen hallucinogen to wreck their year and/or years?
    Reminds one of technologies in Frank Herbert’s dune trilogy. Can you guys get hold of sniffers for your food and drink?
    thank you and keep on

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