1. I would agree. Great interview and interviewer.

    There was scuttlebutt of duty (AD Military) assignment postings for Space Command. Where it would be like “serving on a ship”. I’m trying to source that now. A lot of the “whistle blowers” I’ve listened to IMHO appear to have been manipulated / hypnotized / just not all there. However, I did listen to an Al Bielek (Philadelphia Experiment) interview that had reverse speach snippets that were very credible.

    I grew up in NOLA, watched the Shaw Trial daily, saw what they did to Jim Garrison and the trail of material witness bodies that ensued. Whistleblowers that are a real threat disappear fast. So, if real there are eye wintnesses accounts seeing the light of day. It is by design.

    My Dad was an Assistant D.A. of a near by Parish. Met Jim Garrison when I was twelve. He was an extremely intelligent, compassionate and a very tall individual. All prosecuters should be as smart and possess his level of humanity. But, that’s a tough combination to find.

  2. Hi Joseph,
    your discussion on the secret space conference and some of the undercurrent ressistance felt got me thinking about those alternative healers in germany a few weeks back. someone laced their food and drink with enough industrial strength next gen hallucinogen to wreck their year and/or years?
    Reminds one of technologies in Frank Herbert’s dune trilogy. Can you guys get hold of sniffers for your food and drink?
    thank you and keep on

  3. I second that Robert Wheels within Wheels never a straight answer from the powers that be lies behind lies. Do they even know what truth is anymore?

  4. Robert Barricklow

    This is one of my favorite interviewers.
    Very knowledgeable, respectful, & technologically savvy.

    Another stellar discussion.

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