1. From RT read this article — http://on.rt.com/6yxb
    “…a major Muslim union will soon start a group called the United Muslim Popular Front for Countering ISIS. Its aim is to refute extremist propaganda and help believers distinguish true Muslim values from politicized prejudice.”

    1. Thanks for the link Nidster yes the USA trap in it’s own evil karma attacking it’s MONSTERS FROM IT’S ID.

  2. I noticed in the link shared above that Indonesia has only 4% support for ISIS. One of my nieces married a young man from Jakarta a few years ago. He told me this past Thanksgiving that his family as well as 22 of his uncle’s families had all fled here to American due to serious death threats against them when they were living in Jakarta. They are non-Muslim Indonesians. When I asked if he ever intended to return to his homeland his reply was, “No, never”.

  3. does this matter? the folk who want to be anti-muslim, do not believe anything muslims say. the folk who believe the muslims are going to do what about the anti-muslims manifesting anti-muslim acts, laws, crimes?

    what does matter? realizing it’s hegelian dialectic. realizing who is foisting this unneeded choice on us. realizing what choices we need to make and when. realizing what we can and will do to reroute the belligerents doing the foisting as well as the belligerents duped by the foisting.

      1. And not only that, I don’t believe polls are an accurate measure of anything. Polls are another scam on people. Just like the rigged voting.

        1. polls are an accurate measure of the divisive goals intended by the pollster and their sponsors.

          1. Robert Barricklow

            The desired answer to the poll is farmed out to the lowest bidder[lowest in all the parameters of its meanings].
            The election results are also farmed-out according to an agreed upon script/fable storyline.
            Entertainment for mushrooms.

  4. This is like saying most Christians support the Ku Klux Klan when the KKK is really against what Christianity is suppose to stand for. And I think that Judeo-Christo-Islamic religious establishment will have to unite to deal with these fakers who blaspheme in their beliefs name once and for all.

    1. Yeah, the KKK was dealt a serious blow when (D) Senator Robert Byrd finally passed away. The KKK has been mostly eradicated (good riddance too). Wonder if that’s the reason TPTB had to scrape up a new boogeyman to scare everyone?

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