Giza Just Got Faster (INTERNATIONALLY)

Due to a generous donation earmarked to make the Giza Community faster, combined with some small donations pegged for exactly the same thing, we've upgraded our hosting to professional grade, including a CDN (Content Delivery Network). Until now, if you were close to the hosting server, the site loaded quickly. The farther away you are (e.g. our current servers are in New York), the slower it loaded. That's normal for a local retail establishment, restaurant, or other small business. But global brands use a CDN. What a CDN does is mirror portions of the content on servers around the world so that, no matter where you, the site loads quickly for you. Italy? We've got you covered. When you whip the tablet out from under those red robes, push back your skull cap, and check out the latest News & Views, it'll be nice and speedy. Logging in from Vladivostok? Don't worry. Break out the vodka, and curl up with the latest posts on the international monetary system, while sending selfies back to the Pu Pu as you get your face up next to Dr. Farrell's. It's ok, we won't tell. Locked in an Austrian bank vault, wondering when they're coming for you? Park it on that bullion and log into the Members Only section. At least you'll be able to QUICKLY speculate as to WHY. Don't we all? Seeing some spooky activity at military sites outside Tokyo, and want to phone it in via the live Vidchats? The site will load faster than they can bounce light off mirrors on the moon. Regardless of where you are, the CDN will be serving up Giza faster than ever, from a zillion points of "hmmmm" all over the globe. We're a global brand now, folks. Look out Exxon, and watch out [name of large GMO seed conglomerate redacted]! Giza is in your hood now. Thanks to those of you who made it possible, especially (and you know who you are!) JW. The CDN will be propagating over the next 24hrs with the speed meter inching up to match. Thanks, good night, and good luck. Especially to the Austrian banker. Try painting yourself green and crouching in the corner. They might mistake you for paper currency and just ignore you altogether. Dollars - they're tomorrow's nickels. Don't stand next to the Deutsche Marks - we still have plans for those - muhuhahahah!

8 thoughts on “Giza Just Got Faster (INTERNATIONALLY)”

  1. Next – GDS broadcast to the galaxy via those alien AI servers craftilly hidden in the Bermuda triangle.

    1. Mr. Thomas: I am only one man. I deal with well over two hundred emails per day sometimes, plus try to write blogs (and sometimes makes mistakes, as I did on Saturday’s CERN story), and simply cannot keep up with everything. Please be aware, I am not Bloomberg,not the Huffington post, with a staff. I am only me and work as quickly as I can.

  2. Fantastic! Thank you to the generous donor and to you for making me laugh out loud reading your post this morning ;)…

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