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  1. Makes me wonder if all the oligarchs with the most power are moving to russia, china and thereabouts.

  2. This is a good thing, it will be harder for the world at first but it will be a better world down the road becouse of it, power needs to be shared more evenly in this crazy world, humans have yet to work together globally for the betterment of all mankind always trying to kill, and enslave eachother

    1. I rather stay unique and have the right to my own culture.
      I am sick and tired to forcefully have to adopt American culture like halloween and santa claus living in Europe.

      We had our own culture but sadly it is replaced or being repaced. It is that we have to become all the same that the world is in trouble.

      The world would be more peacefull if diversity would be allowed, but that needs strong individuals.

      Of course thats not in the interest of the parasites, being all the same stupid groupthingie is. Much easyer to steer and control.

  3. Eh why do they call Wall St, Wall St?, well we all know what a wall is, it’s something that stops people going from one place to another.
    All jokes aside, Caravan to Midnight and John B. Wells just did an interview with financial wiz Martin Armstrong AND William F. Engdahl, it’s show number 447, and you can download it for $2.99, trust me it’s a whopper doozzzzzzzzzzzzeeee.

  4. Russia and China trying to buck the petro dollar? And the only economies that really have a chance?

    And guess which countries had a lot of accidental explosions of major
    factories this year? 😉

  5. Robert Barricklow

    Names, quotes, and unknowns are zapping comments.
    The copyright police are certainly enforcing the notion that:
    Information Wants To Be Free –
    is simply and unequivocally unacceptable.
    You are being commodified into commercialized consumers; do not file share or disrupt your set. Do not try to adjust the vertical or horizontal – or your behavior will be structurally modulated and adjusted to conform. After all, the IMF has lots of experience in the fields of structurally adjustment programs.

    Just had to rant…

    1. Robert,
      thought for awhile now how pointless such surveillance is without control to match. (and further my own opinion is how pointless that control is as well). just the same got me thinking about how easily we’ve learned that surveillance can (and therefore almost certainly has been) individualized and so will be (or has been) the same for controls.

      reminds me of a short story i read decades ago. think outer limits or someone did something on it. future guy does something socially unaccepted and gets a drone on his butt 24/7 while shunned by everyone else. no one is allowed to talk with him and he’s not allowed to talk with anyone else. drone intervenes. it’s a floating ball around him at all times.

      sound familiar?

  6. In a bizarre way forcing the CSA War Junkies to cold turkey their war addiction. Might stop these jerks from turning their state into their wet dream a super banana republic they have no sense of self preservation they have lost their minds that’s if they had any to begin with. Derivatives is Wall Street slang-newspeak for reckless gambling.

  7. Robert Barricklow

    Ironically post was placed…
    under structurally moderated behavior.

    It began…
    Saw this when it came out and I even referenced it but it was placed under structurally moderated behavior mode, Right goshawks?
    Next I wrote..

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Max Keiser also focused on this subject of de-dollarization in his shows both on Tuesday and today/both in first and 2nd halves. Outstanding shows!
      Then I wrote…

      1. Robert Barricklow

        That reply post was scrubbed.

        Try this…

        last line was…
        New players in the EAST are challenging the West’s crony capitalist casino gulag archipelago.

    2. Robert Barricklow

      How to access both shows.
      And ended the post with…

      New players in the EAST are challenging the West’s crony capitalist’s casino gulag archipelago.

  8. Robert Barricklow

    Saw this when it came out and even referenced it{but placed then/ under structurally modulated behavior, right goshawks?].
    Max Keiser also focused on this de-dollarization, in 1st and 2nd half, of his Tuesday show and today’s show[both can be accessed at rt dot com/then scroll down to bottom part of page].

    Yes!, the new players in the EAST are challenging the Western crony capitalist’s casino gulag archipelago.

  9. If you haven’t noticed, war in the 21st century is primarily in the financial theater of operations. Note, the majority of people in U.S. have been hit pretty hard in this conflict.

    Putin is playing a serious game of chess. He’s going to hit us in our weakest spot, Wall St. FedGov.Inc has to be in bad shape for the BRICSA to challenge the $USD/WRC so openly.. Look what they did to Sadam H. when he went to the Euro for Iraqi oil settlement.

    Thanks Dr. Farrell for posting this one.. Becuz, this story will definitely not be on the evening news..

  10. The News and Views today reminded me of threads of the past with experiments such as IG Farben controls with shell upon shell and a home movie I saw recently on ENRON. If you have not seen ENRON: The Smartest Guys I the Room, by Magnolia Home Entertainment by two FORTUNE reporters you might want to get a copy. It was produced in 2005 and thus does not have the law suits and CEO Ken’s death, etc., but short of that it shows the mentality of the ‘futures’ paper that they pushed during their years and how they included the banks in their schemes. CEO Ken may have died – ‘natural causes’- but the men and women under him did not and their legacy lives on. The threads woven together with today’s news is surely interesting.

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