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There will be no blog today! Enjoy your New Year Holiday,and our best wishes to all of you, for every good and happy thing in the New Year.

8 thoughts on “NO BLOG TODAY: HAPPY NEW YEAR!”

  1. Robert Barricklow

    Bail-Ins coming this new year.
    WW111 broadcasts to ratchet-up the fear factor?
    Ponzi Game Comes To An End?

      1. hey rb,
        did anyone ever figure out what and where max and stacy are doing and going? ironic that they’re interviewing celente. couple years ago when celente got hit holding paper gold for 1.5mil, max was kicking him while he was down about not having taken delivery of physical. meanwhile, max has apparently given up (albeit quietly) on the buy silver bankrupt jp morgan’s silver shorts campaign. so who’s the money behind celente and max. is it the same lucius undercover blavatskyites behind david icke, peter joseph, foster gamble and all?

        1. Robert Barricklow

          Still pitches silver/gold.
          Sometimes he gets a silver pitch man who speaks to silver and other economic issues.
          There into their star up coin and many other ventures that are dynamically opposed to the Banksters centralized control.
          Although I don’t agree with all his gold bug viewpoints; I admire both Stacy and Max’s passion.
          Which is also replete throughout this site, including Dr. Farrell.

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