Over the past few years we've tracked a lot of very strange stories having to do with high finance, from the Bearer Bonds scandals and all the high strangeness surrounding them, to the strange raft of banker suicides and deaths, and now we have the strange case of missing Chinese billionaires, in this article shared by Mr. R.R:

Amid Stock Market Panic, Dozens of Chinese Billionaires Are Mysteriously Disappearing

This case appears with the recent difficulties in the Chinese stock markets, which have made mainstream news. Here, however, it would seem there is something deeper afoot, as is suggested by the article:

Dozens of other wealthy executives throughout China have disappeared in the past year, many of them under different circumstances. It is apparent that there is a growing corruption investigation in which many of these executives are implicated. However, only a small number of them have been officially announced as being in government custody. With that being the case, it is likely that some of the executives have fled and are in hiding expecting that they will soon be jailed. It is also possible that the government is sweeping them up in the middle of the night, as secret police in dictatorships have been known to do throughout history.

Also, it is unclear whether these corruption investigations are witch hunts, designed to place blame for the declining economy, or if it is a legitimate effort to keep bankers and executives accountable for their actions. There is no doubt that the government was involved in whatever corruption may have been taking place, but as always they are in charge of the investigation so it is unlikely that any government agents or employees will be implicated.

One is tempted to point out that in any closed political and financial system that functions, ultimately, and at the top, that corruption will always run rampant. The article itself indeed hints at this, and hints that such investigations are the standard fare that one might expect in an authoritarian regime. "Business as usual," in other words.

But I want to suggest a rather different context for viewing these disappearances - at least, the ones not detained by the Chinese authorities for investigation - and that is that they may be of a piece with the mysterious deaths of bankers around the world that were a major occurrence in the couple of years. In that context, we see the high octane speculative possibilities, for as I argued in that context, many of the bankers being "suicided" seemed to have been working in positions that would have given them access to a lot of data, data potentially that would have allowed them to see the state of the world economy, and perhaps, where a lot of the "missing money" might be going. In that light, consider a couple of the missing Chinese billionaires, and the type of data they may have had access to:

Just a few weeks ago, Chang Xiaobing, the CEO of the state-owned telecoms giant China Telecom, resigned and then went missing. There were rumors that Xiaobing was taken by police or government agents in a widening corruption investigation that is touching every corner of the Chinese economy.

Back in November, Yim Fung, chairman and CEO of Guotai Junan International Holdings went missing, sending the company’s stock down 12%. Also in November, Chen Jun and Yan Jianlin, two senior executives of Citic Securities vanished without a trace.

In October, Zhang Yun, the president of the Agricultural Bank of China, also disappeared, however, it was reported that he was detained as a part of a corruption investigation.

Perhaps "corruption investigation" this becomes the code for the possibility that the Chinese government might have been alerted to the possibilities of a global "hidden economy," and how its puppet masters might be operating against the best interests of the Chinese national (financial) security.  In other words, this is no "stock in trade Communist corruption investigation," but perhaps something very different, much deeper, and with that much more sinister.

Events and time, and of course, the willingness of the Chinese government itself to share the details of what is going on, will tell if this reading is true or not. But I suspect this "wider context" reading of things might in fact be true for the simple reason that (you'll recall), it was Chinese economist David Li that came up with the Gaussian copula formula that made the expansion of credit default swaps and derivatives possible, as I outlined in Babylon's Banksters. I suspect the Chinese government has become aware of something significant, and that this is no ordinary "corruption investigation."

See you on the flip side...

Joseph P. Farrell

Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and "strange stuff". His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into "alternative history and science".


  1. Robert Barricklow on January 16, 2016 at 2:22 pm

    My reply to Henry is under modulation?

    Persona Non Grata?

  2. chimera on January 14, 2016 at 9:11 pm

    Goshawks, your second scenario could also be on the money. These corporate governments have destroyed so much of the planet, I think that they believe they have done irreparable damage and they are scrambling to get into space to build a new civilization that the little people will not be a part of, unfortunately.

    • WalkingDead on January 14, 2016 at 10:55 pm

      Now you don’t honestly believe they wont take along a subservient class of individuals do you? After all, someone has to do the dirty work they simply refuse to do.
      The common meme in most futuristic space scenarios is corporate control of space with the hired help not much more than slave labor, totally at the mercy of the corporations. They will also carry along their enforcement personnel to ensure these worker bees stay in line.

      • marcos toledo on January 15, 2016 at 1:28 am

        Anyone here keeping up with The Expanse on the SyFy channel.

        • WalkingDead on January 15, 2016 at 9:38 am

          Watched the first two episodes, didn’t think it was that great. Might catch up with it if I get bored enough with everything else. What is it you find so fascinating about it?

          • marcos toledo on January 15, 2016 at 11:25 am

            Think of the age of exploration and conquest colonization taken to the next stage space. I just wish they would lay off the rocketship stuff they’re just plain junk technology flashy but they don’t make sense technologically or economically.

  3. chimera on January 14, 2016 at 9:08 pm

    I believe that ALL of the G7 and G20 governments are involved in the “hidden economy” because they are all being paid off to play their parts to bring in one global government and one global currency that those on the very top of the pyramid will control. These “governments” after all, are incorporated and that makes them nothing more than governmental service corporations, not Sovereign nations actual governments. Sorts himself has said in several interviews that China will “lead” their new world order.

  4. henry on January 14, 2016 at 6:35 pm

    There is an ancient Chinese saying “when a person becomes rich he forgets the virtue of ‘Ren'”

    A saying derived from classic Confucian value emphasising on a person’s virtue of the ‘Ren’;

    “Ren relies heavily on the relationships between two people, but at the same time encompasses much more than that. It represents an inner development towards an altruistic goal, while simultaneously realizing that one is never alone, and that everyone has these relationships to fall back on, being a member of a family, the state, and the world.”

    i remember when i was still in my high school years i witnessed the early success of China’s “open-door” policy, and how it is gradually transforming my childhood landscape i used to know,
    a good example would be, in the 80s there was no one yet own a car in my entire neighborhood, then in the early 90s, someone started to own ‘the first car’ ever in my neighborhood, and i know that person because i used to play with his kid.

    As it turns out, that person went to the Southern Chinese city of Shenzhen which was one of the principle cities first opened to the outside world under Deng xiaoping’s “open-door” policy, he earned alot of money in only few years time, rumor says over a million (which at the time was ‘ALOT’).
    Back then, neighbors were envious of him, at not only having the ability to own something as ‘novel’ as a foreign-made car, but also the person’s ability to earn alot of money and at getting rich.

    yet, only few years after that person’s private car became ‘the first car’ ever to park in my neighborhood, he also appeared one day on the national TV news, and this time there was no ‘envy’ surrounding him, because apparently my neighbor was involved in one of the first ever case of greed and corruption as byproduct of the economic success under “open-door” policy, in fact his case was so serious at the time, it was broadcasted on the national TV as the case also involved corruption of officials, an early sign of what is to become an even bigger problem for the ruling Communist party in the years to come.

    My neighbor was reported as having “co-operative” attitude in the official probing into the corruption case, even that wont save him from over 10 years of sentencing in prison cell. I feel sorry for his son whom i used to play with as kids, to think he will have to spend over 10 years of his growing up times without a parent.

    And i remember once i told my mother this:
    “whats a mountain of gold any good to me, if that mountain of gold can only benefit myself?”
    and that was my ‘intuitive reaction’ to the subtle yet obvious changes happening in the society around me that i was sensing it.

    i reckon sometimes a person’s “intuitive feelings” is guided by his/her
    “higher-self” that knows better than his/her “ego-self” bounded by the material world with countless traps and misguidance.

    i remember after spending one year living and studying in a Western country for the first time in my life, a fellow Ukrainian student asked me “what do you think of life here?” i did not answer his question directly, instead i asked him “what do you think of life here?”, he told me:” i think its very good, blue sky and white cloud, relaxing life style”
    and then i replied to him “well, i feel i’m lost in a big jungle and im trying to find a way out of this jungle..”
    he looked puzzled, so was i, i dont know why i said that, why i had that feeling, but thats the true feeling of my heart, and the “honest answer” to his question.
    As time passed by, i began to understand why i had that feeling, as i’ve gradually come to the realization that there is something ‘very wrong’ with the “West”, and because the Western dominance of modern world history, something ‘very wrong’ with the “world” we are living in.

    And speaking of “higher-self”, i will go even as far as to claim it sometimes may affect a person’s life in the material world in even more realistic terms than just “intuitive feelings”,
    for instance, back in 2008, i was so focused on the booming e-commerce in China i was ready to invest my own future with it, but a unfortunate thing happened to me, as a simple ‘human error’ in pricing a product i was interested caused me not only lost thousands of dollars of my savings, but also made me back off from investing into e-commerce business altogether,
    and i remember the product owner said this to himself when i was trying to salvage the deal with him;
    “how come i have the pricing for this product so off the mark? that sort of thing never happened before..”,
    “but i just can really get it for you at this discounted price, im really sorry..”

    i used to tell myself, “what an unfortunate event for me when i was trying to make myself some money”.
    but after some of the strange things that happened to me back in 2011,

    where i received two mysterious phone calls with nonexistent numbers, as well as at the same time my mother was freaked out by a voice of child version of me softly whispering to her ears “mother, mother..” after which experience she started to listen and believe in what i was saying to her about UFOs and ETs, amazingly, she also started to having “UFO dreams” like i do, and in all her UFO dreams, she would see me by her side with huge spaceships hovering above us,
    but she never saw my brother in those dreams, who is too busy with the material world and entangled in its ego-based traps.

    seeing how those little strange things have happened to me and to the person around me, changed our perception of life on the spiritual level, then, i have to wonder was the movie “the adjustment bureau” in a way true?
    was that simple ‘human error’ in pricing a product back in 2008 just when i was trying to invest myself more with the ‘material world’, a mere unfortunate event, a ‘bad luck’? or was “my life being adjusted by something” that wished me to pursue a “spiritual pass” instead?
    given the fact the voice that freaked my mother out at first then subsequently changed her attitude towards me was the child version of me..
    was it indeed my “high-self” trying to infuence both my life and my mother’s..? indeed, was that “being of light” which visited me several times over the span of several months, a “future version of myself”?
    serving as a “catalyst” for me to pursue that pass and future..?

    one thing is clear and certain to me, if it wasnt for the off-the-mark pricing on that product, i would be making thousands of dollars instead of losing, and i would never have embarked on pursuit of ‘the spiritual pass’ that im onto today, and i would have never knew an American author called Joseph.P.Farrel existed, nor would i making comments here.. and i dont believe in “coincidences” or “accidents”..

    how interesting, interconnected, intriguing, and worth pondering is, the ‘life in this world’.. indeed, what is meant to be “life”..??
    surely, alot more than making money and become billionaires

    in that sense, im a “DISAPPEARING CHINESE BILLIONAIRES” as well, but with different story to tell..

    • Gaia Mars-hall on January 15, 2016 at 8:54 pm

      Dear Henry,

      Thank you for this personal account of yours, where
      what counts ultimately is your character, not how many digits
      are in your account.

      Your post demonstrates a quality you have not lost, of yes Ren, which in the west is known Agape, that Love which characterizes human’s higher spirit. It is the basis of true civilization and thus that which fosters life in the spirit of truth.

      Your post also served to remind me of my visit to China in 1984, on a tour with my grandfather and aunt when I was in my early 20’s and China was poised for a great tansformation, that I did not get a full glimpse of until the last days of the trip, where the building boom had begun in Shenzhen in what was a horrifying presage, of the future and as we departed for Hong Kong’s glittering hell.

      May I reminisce upon that tour of China. We flew from JFK to Tokyo, the new controversial airport back then, for there were environmental protesters, and tight security, with barb wire fences to and from an overnight hotel that had plenty of posh, which was a bit too much for me, and a bit funny that the toilet
      was not but a squat on polished granite floors……

      So from Japan, and high security to the big Communist country, what to expect. Well the airport for Shanghai was like some midwest strip from the 60’s. Security was casual, with skinny young soldiers in too big uniforms….

      Our hotel was cylindrical tower, modern, very nice wood fixtures, probably built in the 1960’s in an old part of town near a small interesting park.

      Anyways my first encounter with someone in China had a bit of a money crisis, I suppose common to travelers. For me I was on a cobblestone street outside an old gate to the park, quite in the early evening amongst interesting architecture, and a canopy of old trees loping overhead….so out of the blue an old lady comes up to me with what were paper flowers, a little decoration. I did not know if I was being given a present or was to buy the trinket
      to which I shuffled for the Chinese money in my pockets, which I later learned were tourist money. Anyways I was not doing so well with the woman, and our interaction attracted a crowd of people , where I was not doing so well….anyways I was rescued by a young man who cut through the crowd and told me he spoke English and that he would help. I forget what exactly happened, but soon we were walking together talking a bit until he had to go on where he was going. I then discovered at an intersection, no cars mind you, what was a public bathroom, an ancient outhouse, to shit
      as though one was on a log in the woods….

      What I recall of Shanghai was the smell of cooking in the streets, the bicycles and how people dressed very much the same, only not like Peking with the Mao suits, but white shirts and grey slacks for the men. And something of the centuries for woman.

      I never had a sense of claustiphobia of too many people until I go to Chongking, which was beautiful at the intersection of two great rivers, a park at the mountain at the top, and gray drearyness of this hard working town.

      China felt very much like, country, even in the cities. I was impressed by the planting of trees everywhere, as well as cultivating a garden everywhere. Nothing went to waste, old men sat on curb sides, pounding old nails into shape.

      I could feel change though. People were very nice and very interested in America and why we got rid of Nixon. Every day on tour we visited some factory or a school. One could tell that these kids were going to do very well considering what I saw in those classes and what I knew of back home in 1970’s America. There were already western businessmen working deals with the factories…..

      What I also noticed that the pace then was slow, everyone peddled their bikes at the same pace and never left their seat to go faster…

      Things were more relaxed in the south. In the countryside I no longer saw Mao suits, and even the tourist currency had given way, and people were selling things directly to tourists, with opium pipes a big hit.

      I have not really thought of returning to China because I do not think I would like the change. I have the same feelings about America. America has changed. At least the east coast I knew, even had farms amongst the suburbs, but no more. Our world has changed, to Malls and cheap things from China. I live in the country, and do not want to see, the growth, the growth of a cancer, for there is something that is missing that was once their but has been gobbled up by a quick buck for the flash in the pan millionaires who are but rats on a ship who have found a stash of cheese.

      Anyways may your intuition and wonder be open, yes there are greater worlds out their, and even intersecting ours, should we wake up one day….perhaps when a great power outage comes on a clear night and people see the stars for the first time….well
      maybe we can just wonder, as is civilized and…..


      Bruce Marshall

      • henry on January 18, 2016 at 3:45 am

        Dear Bruce, thank you for sharing your experiences and thoughts.

        America is reffered to as “the land of the beautiful”, even in its ‘darkest hours’ i see ‘glistering lights’..

        something thats unique to ‘America’ only, and suddenly i realized some day why it is called “the land of the beautiful”..

        isnt a place where the true human spirit survived and revived despite the greatest darkness that life itself has ever known was overshadowing the “Light”, yet it never extinguished, beautiful?
        isnt the land which taught and showed all of us ‘humans'(including those sneaky aliens who have been hiding behind those stupid flying disks of theirs) that story, beautiful?

        and these are not words of praise, but merely a truth of the “Light” as i see it.

        thank you again.

        • goshawks on January 19, 2016 at 5:11 pm

          henry: Beautiful. Thanks! (We’ll try to live up to it.)

        • Gaia Mars-hall on January 19, 2016 at 9:09 pm

          Thanks Henry!

          Indeed I think that Beauty is indeed the target of those whom want to enslave and destroy America, but it is something that you are correct in identifying, to which part of it is the raw beauty of nature and of the nature of the American Revolution, particularly as regards the Declaration of Independence, linked to a summer day…..the Fourth of July, which invokes for me billowing clouds on a warm sunny day and a certain freedom inherent in such exuberance.

          The Song, “America the Beautiful” is an important acknowledgment of this. I think the music that has grown up in American does contain elements of this beauty, particularly in the psychedelic 60’s, why there was even a band called “Its A Beautiful Day” whose first album was quite an iconic representation of such American Beauty.

          Of course “American Beauty” is the name of not only a particular type of rose, but of a most important album of music from perhaps the quintessential of American bands, The Grateful Dead. I would say that that is essential listening for tapping into a certain beauty of America, which was invoked, in almost a nostalgia at its inception as a comment against the cultural attack upon beauty by the America as a the war culture of the atom bomb and Vietnam war.

          I would say one of our problems today is that our music has increasingly lost its access to beauty, as celebration of beauty as essential to life and light and happiness, of what is good.

          This degradation has come from a number of factors in the assault, from commercialization of music, to digital and synthesized music, to the fact that there are fewer actual musicians, though in a sense I feel that this is changing where I think a new
          democratization of music making is taking place outside of commercial desires, but as part of a social fabric….

          We will see and hear, if we are quite and might listen.


    • Robert Barricklow on January 16, 2016 at 2:18 pm

      You couldn’t disappear, because you really were never there. If the others were all like you, in that sense, there would be no Billionaires. But, the greed exists. The Dorothy in Alice In Wonderland who wants it All, so you MUST have less.

      That Dorothy had ruby shoes; not silver.

      The system itself, as you know, is corrupt to its very roots.
      Only planting a new seed of the commons; a new OPEN system –
      can begin to realize another richness of spirit that is shared by all; instead of at the expense of all.

    • Dan on January 24, 2016 at 2:38 am

      damn walk ins drive me mad with all their hypocritical, contradictory and down right condescending steaming pile of whatever.
      Pin them down and they move the goal posts or worse they wish you everlasting peace. What is the point of that?
      These walk ins are just here for the experience as we are and they don’t know jack when it all boils down either because this is our experience.
      These guys are Monday’s experts after the Sunday game.
      We are Sophia’s children and maybe we do let the bad boys run things for now but they are our bad boys to do with as we please and this is our learning curve to play out no matter how scary it gets for the observer.
      How is it that some kind of broad concept of love and peaceful evolution is a passport to pop in and tell us how to do this biz?
      So long and thanks for all fish.

      • henry on January 28, 2016 at 1:03 pm

        i suppose it must sound “hypocritical” and “contradictory” to someone like this that on the one hand i once said “whats a mountain of gold any good to me, if that mountain of gold can only benefit myself?”
        but on the other hand i was still tempted to invest into the booming e-commerce to earn extra money for myself back in 2008,

        when i said that i was just entering my secondary school years where i did need to worry about oersonal finances, unlike say fastforward into the year 2008 where i needed to pay my rent and bills as an adult.

        i live a very simple life, i grow my own green foods in my garden, i dont even go to any restaurants or eat outside except when my brother invites us to during the new year holiday once a year, all i have is three meals a day with vegetarian dishes.

        i dont even own a car, i dont have the urge to be wealthy because i never ever fancied any material possessions, like fashions in dress, in technology gadgets, the things that people would normally spend their money on in this “soul-less” consumerist culture, i have only few set of personal clothing in my wardrobe, most of them over a decade old, 1/3 of them are old clothings once belonged to my brother(he’s 11 years older than i am), but im still wearing these old clothings of his, some of these have deteriorated due to age and i just sew and kept wearing them.

        sure, i tried to invest into e-commerce business back in 2008, but so was everyone else, besides, few thousands of Chinese Yuan arent that much of a ‘wealth’ anyway, and it was precisely because i wasnt a wealthy person i pulled back from it after i lost thousands of my savings, because ‘thousands’ matters to ‘not wealthy’ person like me.

        But here is the thing, investing into e-commerce wasnt the only thing i did back in 2008, before that i flew back to China upon hearing the tragic news of the devastating earthquake which struck the Wenchuan country in Sichuan province(which i later learned was a techology-induced attack on China by the ‘Western cabal’ and thats one of the reasons i ‘hate’ them), i went back for one purpose and one purpose only, to donate thousands of dollars of my savings(also in Chinese Yuan) to the people that endured it, that’s when i also noticed the booming e-commerce in China and decided to try it.
        So, i was giving out my money to the people in need before i was even considering earning any extra money back in 2008, and again, im not a very wealthy person by any standard.

        if there is anything “hypocritical” and “contradictory” about what i said and what i did, it is only the person that sees it that way is ‘ugly enough’ in character, and is ‘mad’ at someone who is a ‘better human being’, then i cant help that person, no one can.

  5. goshawks on January 14, 2016 at 6:14 pm

    I would like to propose two, widely-different ‘scenarios’:

    In the first, ‘mundane’ scenario, the Chinese government could be playing a ‘Putin card’. When Putin started to exert Russian nationalism, there was a newly-rich, newly-powerful Russian oligarchy ‘class’ in-place, which had been ‘installed’ as part of the Western-backed takeover of businesses. The ‘shock therapy’ period, as ably-covered by Naomi Klein in her ‘Disaster Capitalism’ book. Putin went after these moguls, at least those who would not subsume their power into the well-being of the Russian state. A turbulent period.

    The Chinese have had a milder ‘shock therapy’ period, refusing to be raped-for-their-own-good by Western financial interests. Nevertheless, oligarch-types prospered in the ‘opening-up’ period. If Chinese nationalism is growing as a result of partnering with Putin, it would be easy to see these arrests and disappearances as ‘sorting the wheat from the chaff’, pursuing oligarchs of only Western ‘values’ as opposed to those who would subsume their power into the well-being of the Chinese state. Aligning power-structures with Russian nationalists, as it were…

    In the second, ‘speculative’ scenario, we are seeing a real-world re-run of the ‘2012’ movie. Remember how each billionaire gave a billion dollars to reserve a seat on (and finance) the Arks? If some (perhaps planned) ‘tipping point’ has been reached in the real-world, the ‘orders’ may have gone-out to billionaires to gradually ‘disappear’ and congregate at ‘safe havens’; whatever they are. This would be done over months and years – with careful ‘cover stories’ – to avoid the masses noticing anything awry. High octane speculation, but look at what is happening in the world…

    • henry on January 15, 2016 at 7:30 am

      @”In the first, ‘mundane’ scenario, the Chinese government could be playing a ‘Putin card’.”

      more like Xi jinping is continuing what Hu jintao tried to do but was unable to achieve.

      @”In the second, ‘speculative’ scenario, we are seeing a real-world re-run of the ‘2012’ movie. Remember how each billionaire gave a billion dollars to reserve a seat on (and finance) the Arks?”

      thats what these movies want you to believe, they are telling ‘half truth’ if anything, dont play their game.

      the part that might be deemed “true”, is there are indeed “interstellar facilities” located in the remote Wesetn part of the country(not Arks yards preparing for doomsday, that’s the ones who preach “doomsday” trying to twist your mind, as if Western mindset is not already twisted enough),
      they have been there for at least over 4000 years as far as i can trace in the ancient records, and there is most likely a “spaceport” located somewhere near “Chengdu”, one of the ‘interstellar destination’ that this ‘spaceport’ is connected to that can be verified via ancient account, is the Constellation Capricornus, with star systems such as the Lyra Constellation and Pleiades also as possible destination.

      and the most interesting part is, according to these ancient records, there are only few instances where ‘mortals’ were allowed to board the interstellar vehicles to the other worlds, most of these cases it was ordinary folks living on planet earth who had enough curiosity and courage to see the other worlds. On the contrary, although records show the ETs do come as important times in history, and maintained certain degree of communication with the dynastic government and its rulers and officials, but even the first emperor of Qin and emperor Wudi of Han dynasty who had formally met with ‘ETs’ because of their pivotal role at transforming China, were deemed by the “immortals/ETs” as ‘lacking certain virtue/quality’ to be qualified to visit their homeworld. Yet, those who have been to their worlds are mere ordinary men who also returned to this world to tell their stories about what they have seen and where they have been.

      i saw my first UFO when i was 10 years old, it was a saucer-shaped UFO flying over the 10 storey high hotel i was staying when i visited Guangzhou,
      it was flying so low and right on top of our hotel it looked almost like it was going to touch the roof, yet there was no noise coming from that craft at all, and it was late 1980s.

      its worth mentioning that the first ever Chinese made Sci-Fi movie was also realsed during the late 1980s, titled “the wonder boy” was a story about how a UFO and an ET visitation to a hospital in Beijing caused a new born Chinese boy developed a supernatural ability, but this has caused the boy alot of misery as he had hard time to live a normal live, one night the boy and two of his best friends went to the Great Wall calling out the “space man” to help him, the ET that was responsible for his supernatural ability came and only allowed the boy to interact, the ET then took away the boy’s ability by holding his hand, while doing it the ET transformed from a flesh and blood man into a glowing being of light.

      anyway, there is no need for such “High octane speculation”, there are ample records, cultural and religious traditions here to help at better understanding and dispelling misconception about many things.

      in any case, Westerners often try to understand “China/the Chinese” through their typical “Western-prism”, that will never work out.
      the Chinese look at things very differently, as Dr.Farrell has noted more than once, Americans tend to look at things in terms of decades, while Europeans in terms of centuries, but the Chinese are looking at things in terms of millenia.
      the problem with that notion though, is the “real Chinese” history is much older than the standard textbooks of 4000 years,

      perhaps when the time comes i will share with you more on that, as a better understanding of the past can help better understand the current situation. For now, lets enjoy the last days of the “great Dark ages” of humanity on planet earth, but one day the “renaissance” and “age of enlightment” will make the many misconceptions today to become simply “irrevalent”. Do you think anyone still believes the Sun is moving around the earth and if anyone said thats incorrect he/she might have been burned at stake?

      2016 is gonna be a “game changer”, the “financial reset” is much profound than i previously thought, that its just a new financial system that will create peace on earth, the “Reset” is something thats gonna be involving both physical and non-physical transformations, involving the “Blue Avian ETs of sphere being alliance”(and i think i know who they really are) , “the return of Kukulkan”,
      the Chinese do not work alone, they can not possibly fight against this “darkness” of this nature and magnitude without the help of their earth alliance of nations, without positive ETs helping hands, and even more ancient ascended beings(some of which im pretty certain were once ‘humans’ too, but some of them im not even sure if they were humans but still sentinent beings like our beloved dolphins in the Ocean) that really do care about lifes, and even greater Cosmic force of Creation at play.
      Perhaps the Universe is a sentinent being as well? or perhaps the ancient ones have found a way to communicate with it?

      in any case, this is such an interesting, unprecedented, and fascinating time to be alive, a rare and unique opportunity to gain a profound understanding of great many things, and the key to the find the right path to the truth is dont let the ‘ego-self’ get in the way, a very simple yet very hard thing to do.

      in that sense, the movie “2012” is ‘partially true’ about “the changes will involve the Sun”, but again with a ‘negative spin’.

      • DanaThomas on January 16, 2016 at 6:01 am

        Always interesting to read your posts Henry touching the broader aspect of things.

      • goshawks on January 16, 2016 at 4:26 pm

        henry, welcome to the Comments section! Your extended replies have been a wonderful thing to read and ponder over. Please ‘stay’ and be welcome!

        Thank you for the warning about the ‘negative spin’ in the movie “2012”. I was using the Ark-reference only as a place of safety in a time of change. Where the billionaires are ‘disappearing-to’ could be on-planet, or it could be off-planet. And, we may indeed be entering a time of positive (if alarming) change rather than catastrophic change. I hope so.

        I find your stories about ‘Higher Self’ to be most intriguing, as I also have many of those things happening. As this is a more data-based blog, I have not mentioned them. But, that aspect of us is ‘real’. Good for you in remaining in touch with that area of our Greater Nature.

        You could be an asset for this blog in your knowledge of ancient history from a Chinese viewpoint. Several readers/posters have done research on ancient civilizations (maybe Earth-based, maybe not), although mostly from the Sumerian side and with a hint of ancient-India thrown-in. But, little from the Chinese viewpoint has surfaced. Please feel free to expound here!

        Most intriguing when you said: there is most likely a “spaceport” located somewhere near “Chengdu”, one of the ‘interstellar destination’. As you can, please expand on this! (And, it is curious ‘who’ they will accept for off-world transport…)

        There is much Western literature on UFOs and contactees. However, there has been so much cover-up, denial, silencing of witnesses, dis-information, and infiltration that the field is jumbled-up. (Plus, the likely addition of man-made UFOs.) This is as the Western higher-ups want it. It would be wonderful if you could give us a sense of how the UFO field has emerged in China and the government reaction to it (engaged, hostile, neutral).

        In many authors’ minds, there is a connection between higher states of consciousness and UFO interest in certain individuals. Indeed, some UFOs may be somewhat non-physical or even BE higher ‘individuals’. Personally, I am curious in how that ties-together in you…

        Again, thank you for taking the time to write quality posts for us to enjoy and ponder upon. I hope to hear more from you!

        • henry on January 18, 2016 at 3:18 am

          thank you for your posts, and remain open minded about what i said. yes, you touched on many good points that can be extended to lengthy discussions.

          perhaps another day though, perhaps someday i will share with you where that two “mysterious phone calls” back in 2011 took me to, and what horrifying yet revealing truth i was exposed to by my “higher-self”..??

          and what role Dr.Farrell unintentionally played in the creation of that ‘horror’ for me.

        • henry on January 24, 2016 at 12:56 am

          @”In many authors’ minds, there is a connection between higher states of consciousness and UFO interest in certain individuals. Indeed, some UFOs may be somewhat non-physical or even BE higher ‘individuals’. Personally, I am curious in how that ties-together in you…”

          To satisfy your curiosity, I’m a ‘Pleiadian incarnate’ having multiple life experiences on earth, one in 21st century as ‘henry’, one in 20,000 B.C. central Africa, one in 4000. B.C. neolithic China, and one in a “parallel universe” where California is ‘supposed to be sunken’

          there is a ‘contract’ for ‘us’ that we do not remember much, but the personal ‘intuition’ guided by ‘higher self’ provided the ‘link’, for us to not forget, who we really are and why we are here.

          that ‘intuition’ already foretells that one day i will leave this world and my beloved ‘mother’ here, that there is a spaceship out there waiting for me, and it has always been there for me, a ‘Pleiadian light-ship’.

          remember what i said to you, “the key to find the right path to the truth is dont let the ‘ego-self’ get in the way.”, since you are “willing to go wherever Truth takes you.”

          i thank you for the ‘experiences’ you provided for me, perhaps, one day we will continue our conversation on another planet and in another galaxy.
          The darkness that has been infesting this world will be “purified” soon enough, but it is not really ‘gone’, there are other worlds still suffering under the ‘darkness’ and need ‘our’ help.

          I sincerely hope you can one day find your ‘own path’ to the “Jedi Temple”.

          Farewell, friend.
          May the ‘Light’ be with you.

          • Dan on January 24, 2016 at 2:39 am

            I knew it !

  6. Robert Barricklow on January 14, 2016 at 1:28 pm

    zapped again.
    How about?

    This would make a great thriller
    The Billionaire Who Knew Too Much

  7. Robert Barricklow on January 14, 2016 at 1:26 pm

    Can’t get past the modulator attacks.
    Even an aside reference to an actor’s name can get you a structurally modulated adjustment, behavior wise.

    But what I wrote was…
    This would make a great Hitchcock-like thriller
    The Billionaire Who Knew Too Much.

  8. Robert Barricklow on January 14, 2016 at 12:44 pm

    This would makes a great Hitchcock type updated thriller:
    The Billionaires Who Knew Too Much.

    Mel Gibson?

  9. marcos toledo on January 14, 2016 at 10:57 am

    I would like to know what is being communicated between Beijing and Moscow over these financial shenanigans. And do they suspect or know who the puppet masters behind this are as they move to curtail their nefarious plans.

  10. Roger on January 14, 2016 at 10:54 am

    If the state is disappearing them it’s probably because they were becoming too political against the status qoe or were too successful at transferring or hiding assets outside of China. China is experimenting with letting some of their people get rich, but may be sending the message to the Chinese wealthy that they will pay taxes in China and keep their wealth in China for the good of China. The Chinese probably aren’t going to allow their billionairs to stab the country and countrymen who made them wealthy in the back like our corrupt government is so willing to do if there is money in it for them personally.

  11. DanaThomas on January 14, 2016 at 7:49 am

    Who’s to say if, as is likely, these people were pawns, and whose pawns. There are theories out there saying that the Chinese “communist” system has always been part and parcel of the “Western cabal”, but they usually stop at the more public aspects and personalities of globalism.
    Has anybody come across a more in-depth analysis of this type, an Engdahl specialized in Chinese matters?

    • henry on January 15, 2016 at 6:34 pm

      i tend to look at things objectively as much as possible, not letting any mental block or personal likes or dislikes to get in the way of the ‘truth’,
      so when David Icke claimed that “Fuxi” was a reptilian alien who enslaved the Chinese i actually gave his proposition a shot, i was even willing to fight these ‘false gods’ if David’s theory was proven to be right, but after a thorough examination on the cultural aspects of “Fuxi”, such as its neolithic origins and its religious traditions during the later dynastic period, i came to the conclusion that “Fuxi” was neither a “reptilian” as Mr.Icke has suggested, nor “Chinese scholar” as Dr.Farrell once referred him to when he was talking about invention of the I Ching on the byteshow, of which “Fuxi” is credited to, my understanding is “Fuxi” is ancient representation of the “cosmic force of Creation”, a ancient man’s understanding of the relationship between the cosmos and human beings, either through some kind of direct communication with it or/and through inheritance certain ‘predecessor civilizations’ that has previously achieved such understanding of the cosmos.

      you are correct in your observation that those theories out there saying that the Chinese “communist” system has always been part and parcel of the “Western cabal” usually stop at the more public aspects and personalities of globalism, the same thing is with Mr.Icke theory on ancient cultural entities like “Fuxi”, while noticing certain characteristic as being “reptilian” but at the same time lacking in-depth investigation into other more profound cultural and religious aspects of it.

      The same thing can be said about the theory that “Chinese “communist” system has always been part and parcel of the “Western cabal””,
      for instance, when Ben Fulford claimed “Mao was a cabal agent”, emotionally both my mother and me were having hard time to accept his claim, but i still put his claim to test by rethink and reexamine Mao’s rule, and i came to the conclusion that Mao was indeed possibly being manipulated to certain degree by the Western elites, but im not convinced he was always a simple puppet, and Mao didnt represent the entire “communist saga” in China also he was a key figure, other prominent early Communist leaders such as Zhu de and Zhou enlai showed no signs of possible foreign manipulations, on the contrary, Zhou was target of CIA/Taiwanese attempted assasination, who was also the target by the ‘Gang of four’ along with Deng Xiaoping during the cultural revolution, one of the reasons Zhou was been targeted was because he was doing everything he can to protect cultural relics and traditions while the cultural revolution was destroying these ancient heritages, both Zhou and Deng were ‘white dragon’ according to Ben Fulford.

      The ‘Gang of four’ was the tool by Jiang Qing, Mao’s late wife whom he met in Yan an, communist stronghold after the “long march”, the hidden foreign manipulations hence can be traced back to that period in history, but its simply ‘misleading’ to claim “Mao was a cabal agent” like Ben Fulford did but he does raise an important question on early infiltration of the Chinese communism by Western elites, which i told my mother “like it or not, it has always been a possibility, and certain aspects of its history do suggest there is an element of truth in such proposition”.

      But if anything the story was far more complex when it comes to “western infiltration of China”, for starter it did not begin with “communist revolution”, but with the “fall of the Ming dynasty”. Cobra once said hes blog, that “the transition of the Ming government to Qing government has profound consequences on geopolitics of today’s world,
      i dont think his readers fully appreciate or understand the significance of this statement of his.
      to have a ” in-depth analysis” of what might had happened during that period of Chinese history and what impacts it might had on the world geopolitics may require us to venture into some ‘uncharted waters’, even for me, amd frankly, i dont think the ‘typical western mindset’ is ready for it.

      but as far as the complexity of story in the rise of Chinese communist saga goes, i can tell you this some ‘secret history’ behind the ‘long march’,
      through the prominent Song family, the American branch of the “Christan missionaries” exerted certain influence on the Kuomintang/Nationalist govenment of China, especially under Chiang kai shek when his government formally established a diplomatic tie with the “Vatican”, in other words, the Nationalists were infiltrated by “the Jesuits” to certain degree,
      Chiang defeated the early Communist forces, forcing them to retreat and began their “long march”, but Chiang’s goal was alway complete elimination of the Communists,
      in 1935, his army chased the Communists to a place called Luding county, where the famous “Battle of Luding Bridge” took place.
      There was only one way for the Communists to cross the treacherous Da Du river if they were to survive the KMT’s onslaught, that is to use the Luding Bridge which has been stripped its wooden planks to prevent any escape, left only the suspension metal chains, yet somehow the Communist forces “miraculously” overcame the seemingly impossible feat, what seemed was a certain demise of their very existance.
      standard history textbooks under the Communist government have always not forgotten that pivotal moment in their history of revolution, but have always attributed the seemingly impossible achievement to the extraordinary bravery and determination of the revolutionaries.

      True, they were extremely brave, but there is something that just doesnt feel right about “the battle of Luding Bridge” from a conventional view of military history.
      and now i know why, during “the battle of Luding Bridge”, the Communist forces were secretly helped by “ETs”, “ETs” whom were the ‘originators of Chinese/Eastern cultures/religions’, and same “ETs” who helped ancient India and China got rid of “human-sacrifice culture”.
      they were helping the Communist forces under that pivotal moment in China’s history because when compared to the Nationalists, “the influence of the devil” was far less at the time, and despite all attempted manipulations by the Western elites, the Communist forces presented a best choice for them in the “battle for the future of humanity”.

      But like i said the struggle for controlling “China” goes beyond the rise of Communism, in fact its a continuation of a struggle that started at the moment of the fall of the Ming dynasty.
      And to understand that part of history, i have to take you to other realms of reality that i dont pretend i fully understand myself at the moment.
      But my advice to you is, the whole picture and the story of this struggle between ‘good’ and ‘evil’ is far more complex than ordinary folks can imagine, and to simply claim
      “the Chinese “communist” system has always been part and parcel of the “Western cabal””
      shows a lack of basic understandings in Chinese history and its cultural and religious traditions, and a profound lack of understanding on the struggle between the “Light” and “dark”, “the Light is the Light” while “the darkness is the darkness”, they can never be mistaken for each other.
      those proposing such theories often lacks greater inner guidance, unable to find real peace within, and often troubled by confusion and fear.
      These people are looking into the wrong direction, the answer is within.
      but as a Youtube video shows, that Western mindset vs Eastern mindset is so different that Westerners would group two sphere shaped objects together while neglecting the fact that one is made of wood while the other of metal, of the difference in essence and within the objects, while Easterners tend to group objects made from same material together despite their outlook/shape may appear different. and i believe those theories about “communist China” is making the same typical Western “mistakes”, as you can sense, they lack “in-depth” look into the subject matter.

      • goshawks on January 19, 2016 at 5:34 pm

        henry, I thank you for another sterling Comment. I appreciate having a ‘source’ with both anchors into ancient Chinese history AND a spiritual background. Both are needed to form a complete understanding of the world.

        Plus, there are those of us who truly would appreciate your attempting to explain “what might had happened during that period of Chinese history [Ming government to Qing government] and what impacts it might had on the world geopolitics,” even though it “may require us to venture into some ‘uncharted waters’, even for me, and frankly, I don’t think the ‘typical western mindset’ is ready for it.” Please don’t pre-judge all of us; there are some who are willing to go wherever Truth takes us. So, please ‘explain’ as you can and are willing…

    • Gaia Mars-hall on January 19, 2016 at 10:04 pm

      There is west and there is west….the distinction being that we have the Republican tradition verses that of the financial oligarchy (from Babylon to Venice to the City of London and Wall Street)….in sense that is the battle of “The American System of Economics” as distinct from the imperial models, particularly that of the “British Empire” which is now the Anglo-American empire of financial hegemony, chaos and terror.

      So yes what “west” are we talking about?

      Sun Yat-Sen represented the Republican tradition of nation building, and definitely looked to America of the American System. Which of course had its roots in Leibniz, if one had been reading one’s LaRouchian publications….for the “pursuit of happiness” comes from Leibniz!

      Things are very confusing at this time, and not very Confucian.

      One of Engdahl’s cohorts in the Labor Committees is Michael O. Billngton whose specialty concerns China. Here is a taste, read with a pinch of salt and a sense of humor…

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