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Joseph P. Farrell

Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and "strange stuff". His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into "alternative history and science".


  1. henry on January 30, 2016 at 1:38 pm

    It first brought to my attention when Richard Hoagland mentioned last year that ‘Agent Mulder’ is going to reopen the “X-Files” next year, so i became interested in watching the new shows, not only because i was a fan of the old seasons, but also because Mr.Hoagland’s intriguing speculation where he think the show is going to be “part of the disclosure process”.

    so i’ve watched the new episodes, in the pilot, it pretty much nailed it with the fact that “anti-gravity” technology already exist that is also the solution to energy consumption but have been suppressed by “big oil interests” for decades.

    No sooner after “Fox” aired the new X-files, RT was running an interesting article titled “CIA releases X-files on aliens, flying saucers ‘for Agent Mulder to use’”, with agent Mulder been spotted in an old photo investigating the UFO phenomenon

    almost at the same, the Veteranstoday was running a story titled “Disclosure: What Fox Mulder Isn’t Telling Us”, by its chief editor Gordon Duff, amd thats a “huge clue” there, why?
    because back in 2013, it was ‘Gordon Duff’ who wrote another seemingly ‘strange’ article in which he claimed ‘the Chinese are working with “ETs” to change the status quo in the world’,
    it immediately caught my attention for two reasons, one is his article was written after the “first wave of Snowden date dump”; secondly, the contents in his article is almost a ‘carbon-copy version’ of the Nexus editor’s “briefcases thread” that the Australia based alternative Magazine firsted opened ‘the case’ in late 2010 on a well-known UFO/alternative website, Godlikeproduction, also claiming ‘the Chinese, aided by “ETs”, are stalemating the ‘Western powers”, but with a ‘negative spin’.

    While at the same time, alternative topics researcher David Wilcock also wrote a series of article Title “China’s October Surprise”, where he also reported similar themed story, but unless Nexus editor, Mr.Wilcock regard the turn of event as a ‘positive development’, but that’s not all, a Chinese reader of his website, apparently intrigued by the claims in the article, he made a comment saying” i have absolutely no idea that the Chinese government are working with aliens”, thats when a moderator of website told him this: “although David did mention this in his articles, but he told me that his insider intels indicate the Chinese government are preparing to use ‘mainstream media’ to disclose the truth about UFOs and ETs if the U.S. government failed to do so”.

    The X-Files are copy-righted series of the 20th Century Fox Television, a subsidiary of the Fox Entertainment Group, only days after “FOX” aired its newest episodes of “the X-Files”, another subsidiary of the entertainment giant announced that it has reached a deal with the Chinese internet search giant ‘Baidu’, allowing the Chinese audience to have an access to copy-righted contents from ’20th Century Fox Film Corporation’, movies like “The Martian” and “The Revenant” will now stream exclusively on “iQIYI”, China’s largest “Internet video portal”.

    Not by coincidence, the “Fox” also just ran a story on its “Science News” website, titled “Real-life ‘X-Files’? CIA posts trove of UFO documents”, using the same ‘old photo of Agent Mulder’ as the official Russian mouthpiece.
    Now looking back at 2013, “the year of the first wave of Snowden data dump”, Edward Snowden would not have gotten away by himself, with all that embarrassing ‘data dump’, without the consent and supports of a ‘considerable voice’ inside America itself, mostly importantly support from the military and intelligence community, and given the fact Mr. Snowden ended up in Russia via HongKong(China), its only reasonable to suspect(as i did back then) there has been some kind of “collaboration” going on between certain factions within the ‘American-power structure’, the Russians and the Chinese.
    Fastforward to the beginning of the year 2016, these aforementioned new developments seem to strongly indicate that is indeed the case.

    The suspicion/speculation on my part, based on this observation, is that the three major powers are clearly in preparation collectively, for an even bigger “Snowden data dump”, another strong indicator that “2016 could be a game changer”.

    Ofcourse, those that dont like this to happen seem prepared to fight to the bitter end, “Zika virus” ravaging BRICS country Brazil while Mr.SkullsandBones Kerry went to China talking about “cooperation between the U.S. and China on combating Ebola”, while two of their puppet states, North Korea and Japan are helping Mr.Kerry pressuring the Chinese by making provocative military moves on the Korean penninsula and in the South China Sea, after which, the most populous two BRICS members, India and China are on alert for possible “Zika virus” spread to their countries.

    IMO, also a indicator that “2016 is the year one ought to be watching carefully”.

  2. marcos toledo on January 21, 2016 at 3:23 pm

    The pyramids like any technology has always had dual purposes civilian and military. And what about the pyramids on Mars if they exist what were their purpose and are there pyramids on other planets in the solar system great interview.

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