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Many people sent me this one, but because I am unable to find a good source for the story, though many versions are available, I'm filing this in my gray basket, simply because there appears to be no corroborating scientific testing of the alleged skulls. A Few things, however, should be noted: (1) these types of finds are exactly what one would expect the Nazi Ahnenerbedienst to be interested in recoving, and (2) you'll not one of the alleged depicted skulls is of the "elongated cranium" form that have been found in skulls from Peru and other places in the world:

The Mystery of Two Strange-Looking Skulls Discovered in the Mountains of Russia


  1. Hawkeye Lockhart

    This comment following the (rather dubious) article should also give one ‘pause to think’ Anyone else read/speak die Deutsche sprache?

    If someone tries to make a good hoax, it would be a good idea to not assume that none can actually read german writing. as a native german speaker i can see the wrong spelling on the box – something that would never happen if this would be a true case.
    so like 99% of all the bs on this site, it is a hoax.

    1. I noticed that too Hawkeye, if they were going to put runes on a box it would have been runes, not text in a rune “font”

  2. The thing I find most interesting about the skulls is that there is no army of geneticists clamoring to get samples, let alone sticking the thing in a MRI or CATScan device. Come on; wouldn’t you be interested in at least solving a mystery? (Real or fake.) The walls of silence are deafening…

    I am interested in the ‘dolmen’. I put it in quotes, because it doesn’t look/feel right. I have been at dolmen sites in England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. There is no emphasis on a rigidly-squared-off construction style. The photo seems to be of a modern structure (possibly reflecting ‘rigid’ ideals) done in native materials. Why?

  3. You got to love the Caucasus. I’m going to move there. It’s got everything you could want. Dolmens with unexplainable holes and the White khazar elves, dark elves and dwarves. Also don’t forget the bastard davidic bloodline of the Bagrationi.
    Those skulls do look real but disclose tv doesn’t.
    First glance I thought someone had got creative with goat skulls but the inner topology is convincing.
    Man I love the Caucasus.

  4. Robert Barricklow

    If Dr. Farrell ever considered using fiction as a vehicle to bring his many themes to light to a different audience, it would be a vehicle like that portrayed herein – via the Ahnenerbe. They can be a bridge into the past, present[in this case WW11], and into this present[2016], and then on into the future[sequel/s]. The collider/ the EU, the GMO’s, the geopolitical; all playing through the living Nazi International?

  5. The problem is official history itself is dodgy with own lies and spin. So in the end what you believe is up to you to each their own fairy tale.

  6. Joseph I think you are being generous filing this under “grey”;it is a horribly written article and the artifacts look like B-grade film props. Maybe they WERE film props?

    1. Hawkeye Lockhart

      “horribly written” translation: likely translated from other than english language via text reader. Grammar, syntax often gal by the wayside…

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