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January 29, 2016 By Joseph P. Farrell

Now, this one I'm so extremely skeptical of, that you may be wondering why I'm blogging about it at all. Patience, we'll get there in a few moments. But, like yesterday's blog, this requires a bit of context and background, since so many of you sent along this article, and a few of you even referenced the film that forms my "contextual background commentary." This film is the 1988 John Carpenter film, They Live, which has become something of an underground cult classic, and, like many of Carpenter's films, the bizarre plot is explored rather creatively. In the film, the hero discovered a pair of sunglasses that allowed him not only to see that several humans were in effect some sort of other life form altogether, resembling, well, to be blunt, resembling zombies, but that also allowed him to see subliminal messages planted in billboard advertisements, magazine articles, and so on, messages with curt aphorisms such as "marry, have children, consume" and "Obey" and so on.

With that unlikely Hollyweird context in mind, ponder this story that many of you shared, and which, again, I am extremely skeptical of:

New Type Of Lenses Detects ‘Entities’ Invisible To Humans

American Journal of Modern Physics 2015; X(X): XX - XX Published online MM DD, 2015 ( doi: 10.11648/j.XXXX.2015XXXX.XX ISSN: 2326 - 8867 (Print); ISSN: 2326 - 8891 (Online) Apparent Detection via New Telescopes with Concave Lenses of Otherwise Invisible Terrestrial Entities (ITE)

Now, to be blunt, I'm not only extremely skeptical of this, but am inclined quite frankly to view it all as a kind of elaborate hoax, not the least of which is because of its strong resemblance to the Carpenter film, and its David Icke-like premise.

But with that in mind, why would anyone want to perpetrate such a thing? Indeed, as the linked pdf paper spells out in its abstract, it is by means of this new technology that one can now see - so it is claimed - invisible entities that leave dark blotches on photographs. So there we have it: dark matter, dark energy, and now, invisible or dark "entities." Moreover, the abstract claims that these entities are surveilling military installations, implying their intelligence and perhaps not entirely friendly nature.

In other words, the bottom line here is that a technology is being claimed that allows one to see "extraterrestrials." It's this that I have so much difficulty with, for it resembles the sort of claims that early contactees made in the 1950s. Whole movements sprung up, with various "technologies" being claimed that allowed one to precipitate "contact." It is the re-birthing of a meme that I find questionable. Don't get me wrong: I'm not philosophically opposed to the idea that there could be "alternative intelligent life forms", even of a kind very different than what we think of as embodied or corporeal life. After all, many human religious traditions from time immemorial speak of such things. Even plasma physicist David Bohm suspected that plasmas have many of the characteristics of life.

It's not the claim about life forms that bothers me, it's the claim about the technology, for let us go further in our high octane speculations, and assume that such a technology does indeed exist. What are the implications?

It's those implications that disturb me, for as one emailer of this story put it, what this reduces us to is that some in the technocratic elite claim to have a technology, by which they can see "entities." The stage is thus set for any variation on the story: "We have seen entities, and they only have our best interests at heart; we're in contact; trust us, they're friendly," or, conversely, "We have seen 'entities' with our wondrous technology, and they are not our friends and we have to prepare; trust us." Trust us. THis is not a hoax. This is not even a disinfo operation.

Well, color me extremely skeptical on all counts, from the claim of the technology, to the claim on what it supposedly sees, and most especially and importantly, to the strange timing of its release as we're increasingly seeing stories about space, space commercialization, and talk of space weaponization, and new treaties to deal with it.  It's a convenient meme to have dropped into the mix at a - in my opinion - all-too-convenient time, without much if anything at all by way of corroboration.

My suspicion meters are in the red zone. Hoax? Very possibly and in my opinion highly probable. Disinformation? Psyop? Again, very possibly. Too convenient a resemblance to Carpenter's film? Definitely a yes.  But even hoaxes, disinformation, psyops and so on, have to have a kernel of truth somewhere in the mix, otherwise, they have no effectiveness. The trouble here is, where is that kernel? Why bother? It's the potential psyop that disturbs here, more than anything else.

And, just as a final question mark over the whole episode, including my own extreme skepticism, consider this:

Ruggerio Maria Santilli

See you on the flip side...