February 29, 2016 By Joseph P. Farrell

This story may be giving the policy wonks in the Pentagram a bit to worry about, and, given the blogs of the last two days concerning new hydrocarbon production methods, and Middle East geopolitics, this is another one that demonstrates just how interconnected the world of science, foreign affairs, and finance really are. It was shared by Ms. K.F., and when you read it, I think you'll see why it is an important story:

The important points to note here are that (1) this weapon allegedly can simply "switch off" the electronics of cruise missiles (and presumably, any kind of missile) and of satellites, and (2) it's ground based and flexible enough to be portable or sea-based. The ability to switch off electronics of satellites and missiles from the ground means quite simply that without countermeasures, all those GPS-based targeting systems in the West's cruise missile, ICBM, and SLBM arsenals might be rendered about as accurate and effective as a 14th century bombard. More importantly, such an ability might imply also an ability to remotely reprogram the electronics of those systems. (And, for those really paying attention, that sounds an awful lot like those  1960s and 1970s UFO reports over US ICBM flights in Minot, Great Falls, Rapid City, and Cheyenne, where electronics systems would simply be shut down, and in some cases, the whole targeting ssystem would be reprogramed).

Of course, there's always the possibility that Russia is lying, but I rather doubt it, for we've seen that nation demonstrate a sophisticated jamming ability, not only with the USS Donald Cook incident a few years ago, but also in shutting down communications systems all over Syria. In other words, the Russians have given us demonstrations both of  precise and regional targeting capabilities, and now are claiming this capability can reach from the ground to space, and so far, the West has not - as far as we know - demonstrated any sort of countering technologies.

Moscow has been sending carefully timed, and demonstrable, diplomatic messages with these incidents, and that message is that the West in general, and the USA in particular, are not the only nations with black research projects, and unknown capabilities. And a capability to interfere with the electronics of space-based systems constitutes a capability to interfere not only with military operations, with nuclear arsenals, with operational security, but also with information and international financial clearing, of a major order. And it's also a signal that Russia perhaps developed such capabilities in response to similar UFO incursions in that country.

And this is just what the Russians have obligingly informed us about.

See you on the flip side...