US Military to freeze troops sperm and eggs


February 19, 2016 By Joseph P. Farrell

A few days ago I blogged about a new breakthrough in cryogenic freezing techniques, and, if you're a regular reader here, I've also blogged about stories over the years about the Pentagon and DARPA(that would be the Diabolically Apocalytic Research Projects Agency, which again, we thank Mr. J.B. for decoding the meaning of the agency for us) wanting to "transhumanize" the US military with robots, cyborg technologies such as computer-brain impants, exoskeletons, and even studying dolphins so that they could apply their sleeping techniques to humans, allowing the creation of an effectively "sleepless soldier". Well, now, good news ladies and gentlemen of the military, now they are offering to freeze your sperm and eggs, according to this story from RT, shared by Mr. C.G.:

Cryo incentive: Pentagon offers to freeze troops’ sperm and eggs

Now, for the moment of course this is an offer to soldiers, and of course, it's all being cloaking in language to make it seem that the government is looking out for you:

The US military is developing a pilot program that would allow its members to put off parenthood by freezing their sperm or eggs. The Pentagon hopes the odd form of family insurance will help attract – and keep – more soldiers, both male and female.

Troops may be more willing to put themselves in harm’s way if there is a “backup” for their ability to father or bear children in case of a catastrophic injury – such as those inflicted by mines and improvised explosives on hundreds of US soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan – the generals appear to believe.

“We can help our men and women preserve their ability to start a family, even if they suffer certain combat injuries,” Defense Secretary Ash Carter said last week, announcing the plan alongside the military’s other new family-friendly policies. “That’s why we will cover the cost of freezing sperm or eggs through a pilot program for active-duty service members.”

Now, color me intensely skeptical if you wish, but I cannot help but think that there's another agenda here, and looking out for people in the military isn't it. What such a program will require, perforce, is the creation of huge storage facilities, and additionally, yet another government DNA database.

And color me intensely skeptical again, but in a run-amok government that wants to screen people for depression before they are allowed to own a gun, that wants to monitor whether or not one uses gender neutral pronouns or not, and which thinks magic bullets exist that ... well, you know that story, I don't see that there's anything preventing it from using this vast DNA stockpile to experiment on the development of powerful genetic weapons. Gee, it's the Pentagram afterall, and that's what they do.

And let's go a step further: this would be a wonderful way to covertly modify all that sperm and egg-bank, and introduce modifications into the population that they want to see. And there, it's pretty much up to your imagination to see all the things that could be done.

See you on the flip side...

(My thanks to Mr. C.G. for pointing out this story)