The war on humanity - bonds


February 21, 2016 By Joseph P. Farrell

I had to read this one twice, and with each reading, my nausea, and my anger and frustration, increased. This one was shared by Mr. S.D.H., and it will probably anger you too, and, to put the record straight for those of you not in the USSA, what Goldman Sachs does here will soon  be coming to a school near you. In fact, I've heard from frustrated teachers in the United Kingdom and Australia, and it seems the rot is spreading everywhere. But anyway, read about this latest scam here.

US Department of Education Endorses “Pay for Success” Bonds for Pre-K Special Education

Now, in case you missed the scam - and I rather doubt you did - here it is, one more time:

What is “pay for success” and what are “social impact bonds?” As blogger Fred Klonsky explains:

Pay for Success is a social impact bond (SIB) that pays Wall Street investors like Goldman Sachs a bounty for every child that does not receive special education support.

Pay for Success is nothing less than a push-out program that then pays the bond investor a bonus for every child that is pushed out of special ed services.

This left me breathless, and almost at a loss for words.

That's right: you can now invest in educational deprivation for special needs students, and the more that get pushed out of the "system," the more "successful" it is, and the more money you make. This is not capitalism folks. This is not the manufacture of a product nor the production of a needed service. This is simply the monetization of inhumanity. It is ultimately, if one examines the premise carefully, the trafficing in humanity itself, and of a most barbarous kind. This is not the betterment of society.

And just when I thought the finance-capital world could not possibly become more depraved or more corrupt. Don't get me wrong: I'm not, never have been, and never will be, sympathetic to any form of socialism. But finance capitalism has not served us any better, and I suspect there's little difference between the two. Paper profits are made, the richer get richer, and more empowered in their assault on any manifestion of humanity which they don't like.

And that's what I think is at stake here. Today the special education student will be "too expensive" for the school district. Tomorrow, he or she will be too expensive for society. And from there, it's a short step to the sort of genocidal nonsense and claptrap the Nazis were up to. From there it's a short step to depriving Downes syndrome people or people with other disabilities, from programs designed to help them. (And let's remember, the "model" for their various eugenics laws were precisely those advocated by the super-wealthy and their eugenicist partisans in the good ole USSA.) And let's remember, pre-kindergarten programs have usually been the "test laboratory" for programs that are designed to be expanded to the rest of the system.

Couple the "success bonds" to "Common Core" and its individually adaptive assessment process, and you have a recipe for complete disaster, and cultural collapse, all in the name of profits.

I've now added Goldman Sachs to my prayer list, under the heading of imprecations.

See you on the flip side...