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As most readers here know, I'm 100% AGAINST the use of language as a multi-cultural, gender neutral experiment. Well, Mr. B.B. shared this humorous tidbit with me, and I have to pass it along:

Euro English

10 thoughts on “TIDBIT: EUROENGLISH”

  1. Marcos Teledo, I disagree that English is a dead language. English if anything is more alive now than it ever has been. It is a constantly evolving Thing, a virus if you will and the fact that the language is such a mishmash of other languages just goes to prove what a flexible language it is. And the article was hilarious.

  2. Robert Barricklow

    One Government.
    One food source.
    One military.
    One energy source.
    One digital currency.
    One culture.
    One news source.
    One education program for all.
    One for all.
    One to obey.

    Are you one,
    or NOT?


  3. The problem is the dirty secret is ENGLISH is a dead language try reading Beowulf in the original. You would have to know German(Low German)what we write is modified Latin I know I use to have a copy of that poem in both the original and modern translation. I also had a copy of Caesar’s Gallic Wars and only using English you could still read the Latin. and understand what you were reading. By the way the Euro-English in the article was readable and understandable.

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