Space Station, China, Argentina


March 28, 2016 By Joseph P. Farrell

Last week I blogged about the strange visit of President Obama to President Macri of Argentina, in the southern Argentine city of San Carlos di Bariloche. As most readers of my books are aware, that fact alone sent my Suspicion Meter into the Red Zone, for the Rio Negro region of Argentina was(or is that "is") the home of a large community of, well, "veterans" from World War Two, and I don't mean Allied veterans. Rumors abound in the region from Argentine locals of hideaways for Hitler, for (more importantly) Martin Bormann, and other high-ranking Nazis. As I wrote in my books SS Brotherhood of the Bell and The Nazi international, local researchers, including British researcher Geoffrey Brooks, maintain that the celebrated Nazi Bell project went, not to the USA, but to Argentina, a possibility that I think has great merit, given the detailed postwar connections of Dr. Ronald Richter's "fusion" project for Juan Peron with that project, including the same German company!

So, needless to say, my suspicion meter went into the red zone.

But there's more apparently going on in middle and southern Argentina than simply Bavarian chalets and plastic surgery clinics cum-hotels. China has also a major interest in the region for its space program:

Chinese military space station in remote Argentina shrouded in mystery

Contrary to any explanations that this might be the real reason for Mr. Macri and Mr. Obama having frank discussions in Bariloche, this only raises my Suspicion Meter even more. Why? Well, for one thing, even though the government of Ms. Fernandez-de Kirchner has been replaced with a more "pro-USA" government, it would be foolish to assume that Argentinians have forgotten all about the ongoing disputes over its debt to western hedge funds, nor that they have forgotten about American unipolarism. Under Ms. Kirchner, Argentina expressed a quiet desire to associate with the BRICSA bloc, and in the long term, I do not think in the long term this will change.

As such, Argentina, like the other BRICSA nations, needs to have independent means of financial clearing that are not dependent on the USA. That of course, means space. Enter China: China needs south hemisphere tracking and communications capabilities for its space program. But there's been a bit of high octane speculation out there that China's space program may have "found things" on the Moon, and I've certainly been in the camp that there are strange things on the Moon and Mars, things that are the creation of intelligence. I've been in that camp that has suggested that the non-American space programs have been, in part, about verifying the existence of such things, things suggested by NASA's own space program, but never, ever, publicly admitted and always, always, disputed. I've also suggested, in my high octane musings, and in particular in The SS Brotherhood of the Bell and other books, that perhaps in return for making available to the American space program the results of some advanced technological access, that maybe the post-war Fascist international would have demanded access to "whatever was found out there." Technology, for information.

And this brings me to my wild and woolly high octane speculation of the day, one suggested by the Chinese space base in Argentina, and suggested by the dubious historical associations of the region: for perhaps the same type of arrangement is in existeence, for after all, in one source, Argentina is said to have, as a part of the agreement, access to 10% of the antenna time of the CHinese base, and one can only conclude that there may be secret codiciles to the agreement relating to any information from the Chinese base. And perhaps, just perhaps, that might be an indicator that the earlier deal with the USA might have been abrograted by one of the parties to it, and the reader can guess which one that probably was.

See you on the flip side...