March 3, 2016 By Joseph P. Farrell

Sometimes stories come along that have such a high odor to them, that one just has to comment on them, even though there's an acute lack of details for high octane speculation. This story, shared by Mr. V.T., is one of them.

Pope Francis I Pregnant secretary of Pope Francis found dead in her Rome apartment

Granted, there's much more in this article to indicate a normal death due to complications from the secretary's apparently quite virulent diabetes, complicated by a risky pregnancy. Additionally, as the article notes, there are no signs of violence. The body, we are informed, was found by the receptionist's brother after he had not heard from her in a few days.

Nothing to see here, move along.

And I grant you, I want to do just that, because the tendency to see through everything results, as C.S. Lewis once wisely stated, in seeing nothing at all. Sometimes, there simply has to be opacity if one is to see anything.

Yet, in spite of my philosophical inclinations to avoid the story because of its lack of high octane speculative grist for the mill, I must nonetheless pause to consider it. One clue that there might be something here is the fact that the unfortunate woman was apparently the gatekeeper not just for the Pope, but for a variety of other prelates living in the same apartment building. This gave her access not only to schedules - in itself highly sensitive information - but access to switchboards, conversations, and perhaps intelligence even more sensitive, such as nighttime visitors to various people that would be considered... "suspicious."

In short, she, like Benedict XVI's valet, was in a position to know, see, and hear things. An in a pontificate which has seen papal statements about the right of Middle Eastern Christians to defend themselves, which has seen condemnation of the genocide against them, which has seen the precedent of a first meeting of a Moscow Patriarch and a Roman Pope, which has seen a pledge on the part of the Papacy to clean out the Vatican bank(and which then turned the whole auditing process over to the same firm that audits the BIS and Lloyd's of London... no, no danger of insider corruption in that move!), then, yes, my suspicion meter is raised into the red zone. And last, and not least, of course, is the question of whose child was she bearing? In a church already rocking and realing from clergy pedophilia scandals, the question, unfortunately, cannot be left unstated.

Thus, in spite of my philosophical inclinations to dismiss the story as being nothing but the unfortunate passing of a lady due to health problems, my instincts are almost diametrically opposed to my mind in this instance. Which leaves the question, what do you think?

See you on the flip side...