March 19, 2016 By Joseph P. Farrell

Normally I do not reference videos in my blogs, as readers here are aware. But this one, shared by Mr. G.K., is too important to pass up. This video appeared on RT on March 16, 2016. just two days ago, and consists of an interview vetween RT and former Senator Bob Graham(D-Florida), the former chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. and it's a bombshell when one "listens between the lines" to Senator Graham's statements. During the interview, he makes it clear that there was a "support system" behind the nineteen alleged hijackers, and goes on to say it was "an external" one. In making this admission, Senator Graham is acknowleding what 9/11 "truthers" have long suspected and insisted upon, namely, that there was a deeper layer. But Senator Graham also indicates that there may be a Saudi role implied in those 28 still-classified pages from the 9/11 Commission report, and speculates that their classification at the time may have been due to the prominent Bush family connections with the Saudi regime:

Senator Graham has long fought to give these pages an airing. But as I will point out in a forthcoming book, these 28 pages list not simply a foreign "government" but governments, as implicated in those attacks.

Senator Graham, in his interview, also makes it clear that there has been a Saudi role in the sponsorship of terrorism, a key point, since it illuminates the hypocrisy of the Bush doctrine, enunciated in the wake of 9/11, that the USA would pursue any nation implicated in the harboring of terrorists or the sponsorship of terrorism. Notably absent from G.W. Bush's "axis of evil" speech was Saudi Araba, and Senator Graham's appearance on RT, mere hours, really, after the Russian announcement of significant troop withdrawals from Syria prior to the resumption of peace talks in Geneva, may indicate, as I have suspected and stated here, that Saudi Arabia may be "on the menu", since the Russian intervention quickly and effectively crippled ISIS, which many have veiwed as but a proxy of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and ultimately the USA.

The timing of the interview and its release is thus important, and it may be signaling not only that Russia is reaching out to like-minded factions within the USA, but that there may be far more on the agenda behind closed doors in Geneva than meets the eye. Whatever else may be said, it seems clear that Russia is playing a very cagey diplomatic game, and it will bear watching quite closely. Certainly I am one of those who thinks there was a deeper layer to the sad events of that day, and indeed, deeper layers, and that Suadi Arabia, among others, bears scrutiny in this regard. Time will tell of course, whether Senator Graham is successful in getting those 28 pages released, but ultimately I think any forthright facing of the facts about 9/11 cannot come to any other conclusion that there are deeper connections of the Saudis to that day than meets the eye.

That said, it's the other aspects of those deeper connections that, for me, constitute the real focus of attention. Viewed in this context, and with what I stated in last Thursday's News and Views, Russia appears to be playing a very long-term strategic diplomatic game, part of which seems to consist of (1) exposing the current manifestations of the USA's "war on terrorism" as a kind of vast fraud and charade, as it did in its Syrian intervention, and (2) exposing the pretext under which that war has been waged, 9/11 itself.

This is one to watch very closely and carefully.

See you on the flip side...