March 11, 2016 By Joseph P. Farrell

A couple of days ago I blogged about the development of a new technique for modulatiing the brain waves of people with a certain specific skill set, into those who do not possess that skill set. The results of these experiments, undertaken at Hughes labs, were successful, demonstrating that people with such modulation learned new skills faster than those who did not. I remarked, you'll recall, that this had obvious military and medical applications.

Well, our friends at the Diabolically Apocalyptic Researcj Projects Agency (thanks again to Mr. J.B. for that one!) are also experimenting with a "brain modem" that could conceivably make such modulation even more efficient:

Pentagon Research Could Make ‘Brain Modem’ a Reality

The so-called “stentrode,” a combination stent and electrode, is the size of a paperclip and flexible. The tiny, injectable machine—the invention of neurologist Tom Oxley and his team at the University of Melbourne in Australia—could help researchers solve one of the most vexing problems with the brain modem: how to insert a transmitter into the brain without also drilling a hole in the user’s head, a risky procedure under any circumstances.

Based on existing stents that doctors use to clean blood vessels, the stentrode includes sensors and a tiny transmitter. Entering the bloodstream via a catheter, the stentrode swims in the bloodstream.

Doctors monitor the stentrode on its journey through the circulatory system. When the device reaches the brain, the physicians command it to expand against the blood vessels’ walls and hold station. There it remains for potentially months at a time, recording and relaying the subtle electrical signals that flow from the brain to the rest of the body.

Now, it doesn't require much high octane speculation here to see the tremendous potentials both for good, and for great abuse, and in an age when governments already allow their populations to be experimented upon without their knowledge or consent, Such devices could be hidden in vaccines, and conceivably even be modified to enter the body via the food supply.

And it doesn't take much reflection to see also that what can be made for monitoring can easly be modified for transmission and direct interference with an individual's thoughts and emotions.

And that, I suspect, is the real goal.

See you on the flip side...