March 17, 2016 By Joseph P. Farrell

Mr. G.K. shared this story, and it's a stunner, any way one slices it. An Israeli biotech firm has apparently developed a "cure" for intense radiation exposure involving injectable human placenta cells, and while I normally do not link videos in my blogs, this one is important enough to do so(though you'll have to wade through the usual advertisement involving braying jackasses and trumpeting elephants to reach the short video):

Israeli placental cell therapy could cure radiation sickness

One thing struck me in the video, and it was that thing that made my mind run into all sorts of high octane speculations, and that was the reference to the Fukushima disaster, and that the Israeli firm had decided it had to "do something" to be able to treat acute radiation exposure and sickness, a hitherto almost intractable problem. The apparently successful technology has obvious medical benefits, for example, for radiation therapy sufferers.

However, the video raises disturbing questions, if only by way of implication, by not stating the obvious: how, for example, did the firm hit upon the idea of placentas and radiation sickness? There's to chain of reasoning here, and that raises my "suspicion meter" into the red zone, and my suspicion is, that this might be a black projects technology, now released into the public view - on March 9, of this year in fact - for obvious reasons: the Middle East is erupting into chaos, and there have been recent revelations of the Saudis having bought a-bombs from Pakistan. And, of course, there are ongoing  Israeli fears about Iran's nuclear program.

So the "message" could be that "we have a way of combatting radiation sickness and nuclear fallout," which has its own consequence as well. The use of nuclear weapons has long been its own deterrent, for precisely the reason that such weapons cause lingering damage to the populations hit with them in the form of fallout and radiation. But what if one had a way of curing radiation sickness? In that case, one of the constraints against their use is removed. And Israel has long been acknowledged to be a de facto nuclear power, with some estimates of the number of their warheads being in the hundreds.

And, as Mr. G.K. put it to me in his email, such a technology would also enable one to get through those pesky Van Allen radiation belts around the Earth, too.

Which brings us back to black projects, and to an important high octane speculation. In all the years of nuclear testing by the USSR, the USSA, UK, France, China, Pakistan, and India (and now, North Korea), it stands to reason that one component of a nation's development of nuclear weapons would be the secret development of the means to combat their most terrible byproduct: radiation, and radiation sickness.

The bottom line here is that there is much more to this story, and to the timing of its release, than meets the eye, and I suspect this Israeli technology is not, when all is said and done, unique to that country.

See you on the flip side...