March 4, 2016 By Joseph P. Farrell

This one is so very strange and so very bizarre that I have to talk about it, except that I don't really know what to say about it, nor really, what to make of it. It was shared by Mr. A., and it appeared initially on the reasonably well-respected internet news site,, a site that we have occasionally referred to over the years, here at Here's the article:

Turkey’s Ankara False Flag Blaming Syrian Kurds Clears Pathway to Turkish-Saudi-Gulf State Invasion of Syria and WWIII

Now, beyond the usual "World War Three is just around the corner" hysteria that one has come to expect over the past few years, the article, as a reading will quickly show, is a rather detailed and informed survey of Turkish policy and politics, the history of false flag Gladio operations, and so on. Indeed, most of the article is written in that sort of dry academic-geopolitical tone that suffuses the blighted works of former Carter Administration national security advisor Zbgnw "Could-I-buy-a-vowel?" Brzznsk's books, sans Mr. Brzznsk's heartless and soulless globaloneyist glossalalia.

But at the end of the article, there's these two paragraphs that stick out like sore thumbs, and which cuaght Mr. A's attention, and mine too:

For centuries, satanic worshipping globalists have been meticulously and demonically plotting this fateful moment in human history. It seems the only chance we have to prevent self-annihilation can only be achieved through massive human prayer in combination with divine intervention through possibly benevolent extraterrestrials and of course God’s active presence on earth. Most people nowadays believe that intelligent life in our vast universe does exist. Perhaps as a precursor to full ET disclosure, even NASA as another government gatekeeper having regularly withheld secret information and knowledge from the public for many years has recently gone on record to openly admit that alien life is alive and well out there. Dr. Steven Greer’s groundbreaking courageous work over the last quarter century has compiled irrefutable evidence.

A handful of subhuman globalist psychopaths appear to have hijacked our planet and bent on killing virtually all life have seemingly halted human evolution and progress on this precious globe of ours. After all, for decades they’ve been preparing for this cataclysmic moment in history secretly building their luxury underground bunkers, vast cities below surface, deep underground military bases and continental transport systems capable of sustaining their subterranean subhuman life for several years to come while causing conditions at the earth’s crust to become too uninhabitable. For those elitists preferring the deep space option, black ops using stolen ET technology will likely ensure that the elite has a colonized home waiting for them somewhere out in this vast universe. This science fiction scenario is no longer fiction. Despite deep security state’s efforts to conceal its truth at all costs, these seemingly farfetched contingencies have gradually been uncovered. And it’s now way overdue when the masses that have long suspected the veracity of this kind of other worldly speculation need to finally be told the truth. But we know that the current totalitarian system has zero tolerance for truth and will continue living the lie right to its bitter violent end. But in the unfolding chaos and destruction ultimately the truth will prevail and set us all free. There are counterbalancing forces opposing the evil destruction of our planet that are invested in life preservation. We are not dead yet, the dark forces have not won yet and through committed activism and moral courage we citizens of the world can collectively make a difference perhaps between life and death on this planet.

As if to highlight the strangeness of these paragraphs, we are then informed that their author, Mr. Hagopian is a former West Point cadet and U.S. Army officer, and a regular contributor to the website Global Research, which we have cited from time to time of this website, and which is - in case anyone needs any reminders - a rather sober and usually provocative website of analysis of geopolitics in all its ramifications. But UFOs and ETs and satan-worhsipping globalists are usually not part of its main fare.

So as Mr. A. put it to me in his email, "I was surprised to see the breakaway meme in the last two paragraphs," and my own surprise doubtless equalled his.

The question is, why the appearance of this type of analysis and interpretation in an otherwise sobering analysis of the situation? And on this website? There are any number of websites where one might more readily encounter such a thing, but Lew Rockwell? It's rather like finding these paragraphs at the end of an op-ed/analytical piece in the Wall Street Journal or the London TImes or on Bloomberg. Well, maybe not quite like that, but it's getting close. In other words, it's the context that disturbs, more than the content. One can read this sort of content anywhere.

As for the recommendations, I cannot help but agree. Prayer - or for those disinclined either to the word or the practice - "concentrated meditative intention" is needed. But that has to be specific in intention, and directed precisely to the peaceable undoing of the machinations he is surveying and to the disempowerment of the groups and cabals he mentions.

But frankly, in this context, the military connections disturb, for the possibilities are basically two, and they're equally disturbing: (1) either this is this former officer and West Point cadet's considered expertise and opinion, perhaps based on some real knowledge and perhaps even "inside" knowledge, or (2) it might be a deliberate meme being driven into the social consciouenss. Either way, it's disturbing, particularly in the expressed hope of benevolent space brothers, a conclusion about the whole "ET" question that I have never shared, since it seems too generalized a categorization, and a generalization that itself could be fatal.

In the end, however, I'm left, like I was left yesterday with the blog about the death of a Papal receptionist, with questions. This is another "you tell me" case.

See you on the flip side...