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April 13, 2016 By Joseph P. Farrell

Almost everyone has a theory now about who or what was behind the Panama Papers story, and admittedly, the story does present much for high octane speculation. As time goes by, more and more theories are coming out. Others seem to have the view that I propounded in last Thursday's News and Views from the Nefarium that the Panama Papers story represents, at least in part, evidence of "factional infighting" that goes on in the mafia we call "the global financial elite". Consider for example, this article shared by Mr. T.K., outlining the hypothesis that the papers represent, at their deepest level, a struggle between the "Rockefellers" and the "Rothschilds":

Panama Papers: Soros against the Rothschilds?

Here the crux interpretum seems to be the struggle between a global financial system based on the dollar and one based on the rising markets of Asia and gold, with a backdrop of similar exposure of "Rothschild corruption":

The Investigation into Mossack Fonseca's activity is a continuation of the anti-offshore campaign that ICIJ began in 2013. Then, unknown persons allegedly handed over 260 gigabytes of data regarding the ownership of secret offshore bank accounts to ICIJ director Gerard Ryle. ICIJ published the Offshore leaks, comprising tens of thousands of offshore bank accounts, in which many prominent international figures were implicated, including Baron Elie de Rothschild, the head of French branch of Rothschild dynasty.

Clans of Rothschild, Sachs, Thyssens and Safra, closely associated with the Rothschild family, were the focus of ICIJ Swiss Leaks in 2013. Then the data of a number of Swiss lawyers and trusts was declassified. "They helped clients all over the world establish offshore firms and trusts to protect their assets from tax collectors or over-zealous heirs".

The publication of the so-called Luxembourg leaks was also aimed against the ruling family of Luxembourg, also related to the Rothschilds.

Today, one of companies affected is Rothschild Trust, which managed the assets of some key world politicians in offshore locations. For example, it was revealed that Rothschild Trust, a branch of Rothschild Wealth Management & Trust, manages the assets of Ukrainian oligarch President Poroshenko on the British Virgin Islands. Among ten banks that requested the most offshore companies for clients, Rothschild Trust Guernsey is visible. One of the top politicians in the scandal, British Prime-Minister David Cameron, is said to have close relations with British branch of Rothschild family. Very interesting coincidence. Did you get it?

Butressing this analysis is this article shared by Mr. W.M., detailing just who is behind the so-called "International Coalition of Investigative Journalists":

The Panama Papers: The People Deceived

Here the list is comprehensive:

For to understand what this story is about it is important to know who put it out, with whom they are connected and who provides the money.

The key is found in the list of the members of the Advisory Board, the Board of Directors and the funders of its parent organisation, the Centre For Public Integrity (CFPI). The ICIJ states on its website that is a non-profit organisation. That technically may be true but they failed to add that they act for the profit of the people who fund them and who control their operations. Funders of the CFPI include the Democracy Fund, the Carnegie Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the MacArthur Foundation, the Open Society Foundations of George Soros, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the Rockefeller Family Fund and many others of the same pedigree. Individual donors include such people as Paul Volcker, former chairman of the US Federal Reserve and many others of the powerful US corporate and financial elite.

From all of this, one is to conclude, by parity of reasoning, that the people behind the Panama papers are the USA's intelligence-Soros-Rockefeller complex:

The point is made. This is not some independent, muckraking group dedicated to truth and democracy. This is a group of propagandists who, under the cloak of journalism, carry out the art of deception on behalf of the American government and secret services. Indeed in the annual report, they even quote President Obama approving their work. In January this same group launched an attack on the government of China with another story of “leaked” financial documents implicating the Chinese leadership and have done it again in this new story, now doubt part of the “pivot to China.”

So there you have it, the information you need to know but which CNN, The Guardian, the BBC, CBC, the New York Times and all the rest of the media refuse to provide you so that you can properly assess the story they have propagated through the world media. The role of the western media is not to inform the public but, as Umberto Eco says, “to teach people how to think,” to manipulate opinion and action. Their suppression of that information is a lie and as that other great writer, Jose Saramago, wrote, they use “the lie as a weapon, the lie as the advance guard of tanks and cannons, the lie told over the ruins, over the corpses, over humanity’s wretched and perpetually frustrated hopes.” It is time for these people to be exposed for what they are and called to account for their deception of the people they claim to serve, for what greater crime can there be than to deceive the people?

In other words, the lack of mention of any major American "deep state" players, plus the media feeding frenzy and ongoing demonization of Mr. Putin throughout the whole affair means that this Intelligence-Soros-Rockefeller complex are behind it all. Setting aside for the moment the fact that Mr. Putin seems to have replaced the Jews as the favorite scapegoat (or Most Favored Conspiracy Orchestrator Status), I really remain quite unconvinced, and I know that puts me into a decided minority in the alternative community assessment of the whole affair. This doesn't mean that I don't think the Soros-Rockefeller-Intelligence complex wouldn't try to pull such a stunt, or be capable of it. Any investigation of these financial interests and the people behind them will show they're capable of almost anything, except moral scruples of course.

I'm suspicious of this whole reading for an entirely different reason, and one which I articulated in a previous blog: the effort, if this was the goal, was very clumsily done. If one wanted to cloak one's tracks and "embarass Mr. Putin," or, for that matter, go after the Rothschild interests, surely one would want to include a few of one's own "expendable persons" on the list of "implicated people." Otherwise, the first suspicion falls on the interests not being mentioned in the leaks.  In short, if this really was a brainchild of the Soros-Rockefeller complex, then they could hardly have done a better job in calling attention to themselves. As it stands, however, not only are the "named people" implicated in the whole thing, but also the unnamed ones.

Or to put this even more "country simple", whoever is behind these leaks would appear to be wanting to draw attention not only to the Rothschild interests, but to the Soros and Rockefeller ones as well. And if that reading be the case, then that means - uncomfortably - that there's a "third player" on the scene that neither of the two other factions represents.

This brings us to the problem of the media attention on the story. A well-meaning individual emailed me and challenged my view of this story by pointing out that the media attention resembled an orchestrated campaign, and therefore, that whoever was behind the leaks was behind the media campaign, and voila, we're back with the Soros-Rockefeller-intelligence complex once again. But I would respectfully suggest that the jury is still out on this story, and that the two things - the leaks and the media campaign - do not necessary point to the same player being behind both, for if there is a "third player" on the scene, then in order to conceal that third player's existence and role, a "spin" will have to be created, one using the affair as a "crisis of opportunity" not only to spin away that third player, but to attack the Most Favored Enemy and Conspirator, Mr. Putin.

Which brings me to my high octane speculation of the day, one I've been thinking about, and which many of you suggested in emails to me: namely, that the Panama Papers really represent what Catherine Austin Fitts calls "control files," and by leaking them, those not named are put on notice that there are files on them as well. In short, we may be looking at signs not only of the factional infighting going on in the global mafia of the financial elite represented by the Rothschilds and Rockefellers and their allied clans, but we may also be looking at that third player serving notice that those elites themselves are being handed, or in danger of being handed, their pink slips and "downsized".

To put it "country simple" once again, what the Panama Papers may represent is the notice that "The Powers that Be" may no longer be "The Powers that Be." They're a not-too-nice way of saying "thank you for your services in the past, but they are no longer needed." The elite, in other words, is no longer the elite, and there's a new player on the block.  If this interpretation be true, then I suspect that the Panama Papers story is only a part of a much larger story that will reveal itself over time. How? I suspect - if this reading be true or even decently close to the mark - that in addition to indictments of various Rothschilds for crimes, that one will expect similar indictments in various countries to emerge against the Soros-Rockefeller complex as well.

See you on the flip side...