April 2, 2016 By Joseph P. Farrell

It would literally take someone as stupid as a member of the US Congress, or perhaps a Brussels bureaucrat, not to see that there is something huge taking place, a massive geopolitical paradigm shift that's under way right under our noses. Consider for example, just what I talked about in last THursday's News and Views from the Nefarium, namely, that some analysts are thinking that Mr. Obama and Mr. Putin may have reached some sort of agreement regarding the necessity for Sultan Tayyip Erdogan to "go," and all the indicators that seem to signifiy that something, indeed, is up in Turkey, not the least of which is the recent DoD order for American families based in Turkey to leave that country. As I put it last Thursday, it would seem that Turkey is, so to speak, on the menu.  But there have been other indicators that something major is happening. Consider the following list over the last few months:

  1.  President Obama's interview in The Atlantic in which he openly called into question the whole need for a special American relationship with the (out)house of Saud, which was immediately answered - very weakly - by Prince Turki al Faisal, (presumed) former head of Saudi intelligence (and a man with his own very murky connections, too many to go into here, but you can think "Bush, Bin Laden, 9/11");
  2. The Obama Adminstration's resistance to the war drums that were first being pounded for Iran, then Syria, and if you read the voltairenet article linked to last Thursday's News and Views, you'll discover that this break between the White House and Washington's "Suni-directed" foreign policy think tanks may have come from the President himself;
  3. The recent "summit" and joint declaration of Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and Pope Francis I, the first such in history, as the two church leaders met in Havana, Cuba, for the express purpose of addressing the genocide of Christians in the Middle East by Islamic terror groups. This was a clear message to the state sponsors of such groups, especially Turkey and Saudi Arabia;
  4. The Pope's prior announcement that Christians do have the right of self-defense, made months prior to the meeting with Patriarch Krill, and n response to more attacks against Christians;
  5. THe growing political backlash in Europe against the influx of refugees from the MIddle East, and the "tribute" policy the EU has adopted with respect to Erdogan's Turkey; this backlash, if one listens carefully to the language of its various leaders, is talking in terms of defending "European culture" and its Judeo-Christian and humanistic-Enlightenment roots.

Now we can add yet another piece to the puzzle, one that leaves me both stunned and yet not terribly surprised:

World summit of Christian leaders to gather in Moscow in October to support persecuted Christians

Now you'll note two things about this: (1) the "summit" is jointly sponsored by the Russian Orthodox Church and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, and (2) it is specifically addressed to the question of the Islamic persecution of Christians in Africa and the Middle East.

So what might one expect? What does all this mean? Well, for one thing, I suspect it means what I've stated before: expect Russia to position itself as the "great power spokesman" for causes and issues that are being ignored by the West's ruling plutocracies and media: GMO foods, and religio-cultural issues such as here, the persecution of Christians. One sees this trend also on Russian media, particularly on the English-language news service of RT.

What the West's leaders have seldom done is mention, publicly, and in any meaningful way, the slaughter of Christians under the emerging radicalized Islamic groups, nor their state sponsors. Only after the Patriarch's and the Pope's meeting and joint declaration was the US Secretary of Defense finally pressured enough to issue a statement.

This leads me to what we might expect from this "summit": a statement or statements on the state sponsors of terror - possibly even being mentioned by name - and the right of Christians not only to defend themselves, but to organize and negotiate for that purpose. The latter is crucial, and indicates the high octane nature of my speculaitons and predictions, for it's that latter possibility that will indicate that a game-changing paradigm is being put into play with enormous long-term implications, for such a move would signal the attempt to extend the Westphalian peace principle to a much wider playhing field, one in which persecuted religious groups, if no substantial help is forthcoming, have a recognized sovereign right of self-defense, particularly against an ideology that has, as one of its cardinal doctrines, the idea that non-adherents to its principles constitute a "nation of war" against which the ideology is perpatually at war.

Why maintain such a hugely speculative idea? Well, consider again the obvious aspects of what has been happening: first the Pope and the Patriarch meet (notably after Francis' statements that Christians have the right of self-defense), and now a world summit being sponsored by the Russian Orthodox Church and the most unlikely of allies, the Billy Graham association, which would, of course, symbolize a significant portion of modern Protestantism, though admittedly, not from any of the latter's more historically and liturgically-based traditions.

To put it country simple, we've been watching a religio-cultural alliance or bloc slowly being formed.

But can this be confirmed? Well, to my mind, yes, it can, and that is by watching Lambeth palace. Typically, statements from Anglican prelates in the last decadeshave been so cotton-mouthed and "trendy liberal" that one wonders if there's any real fiber left in the old girl. much less spine. But if there is a sudden, clear, and unequivocal statement in favor of the Christians' right of self defence from anyone within spit-ball-throwing distance of Lambeth, and within the time-frame of this supposed "religious summit", then the likelihood of my speculation that such a bloc is being formed is, to my mind, highly likely.  And knowing the Anglican penchant for being all things trendy at all times, one might even expect such announcements to come from their more prominent female clergy.

Now, add The Sovereign Military Order of Malta, Blackwater, mix, and stir, and you have...

See you on the flip side...