1. It is most peculiar how the building was closed and emptied BEFORE the fire was reported to have started.
    Also peculiar, how the building was closed for the entire week. Whoever briefed the press only hours after the fire started knew that everything would be fine in 1 week. I recall a lot more uncertainty in most other post accidental fires, with lots of repairs and smoke damage.
    I wonder if the electrical contractors who repair the A/C and transformers will be showing the “faulty” equipment that was the source (as is common in fire investigations).

  2. Hmm. OK, so we have the Russians saying the Papers are part of an ongoing psyop to fuel the Empire of Chaos’ “regime change” projects in Russia. Then we have the hand-picked Empire of Chaos rep trying to float the idea that the Papers are a complex Russian psyop to undermine the Empire of Chaos.

    What if the Empire’s spin is simply to distance itself form what appears to have been a ham-handed operation that unraveled just hours after being launched?

  3. am not sure what info is available internationally but here in Germany in MSM it has been reported (and the intitial reports have miraculously- or not- disappeared) that German finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble (in my estimation he has the head of a viper- I’ve never liked the man) had been contacted numerous times by a whistleblower trying to inform Schäuble for 2 yrs. (if my heard sources- radio- are correct) of the Panama Papers scam and Schäuble continued to ignore him and refused all contact with him;

    so I think Schäuble must himself be involved in this scam (gosh!- shiver me timbers…)-

    Larry in Germany

  4. Hawkeye Lockhart

    Kinda like the ‘coincidence’ of the Kennedy Library fire simultaneous with the ‘Boston bombing’ the CMSM conveniently (dubiously?) ignored… Nothing to see here, move along.

    Arson squad arrives at JFK Presidential Library; Building closed ‘indefinitely’ for investigation into fire after marathon bombings

    ‘Suspicious’ fire at Kennedy Library remains under investigation

  5. Yet Another Amazing Coincidence aka Y.A.A.C. Those that do not believe in conspiracies have to believe in never ending: Y.A.A.C.

  6. LOL .. Why am I not surprised .. Honestly .. the “boys” are running amok .. It’s all rather tragic .. frantic .. comical and oh so transparent …

    1. Robert … LOOL .. Thanks for the Sun Day morning laugh .. What a classic !!! .. LOVE IT .. 🙂

      1. Robert Barricklow

        Good to see you have a good sense of humor Freefall.
        Too many autonomous bots swimming through cyberspace.

  7. Robert Barricklow

    What do the boys behind the IRS do w/sudden white-hot news flashes?
    Why, fight-fire-w/fire of course.

  8. Did they also report that they couldn’t account for $2.3 trillion the day after the PP?

    Well, look on the bright side side, at least is wasn’t a cruise missile — err, Boeing 757.

  9. Fire one of the oldest and true ways of destroying evidence of high crimes and knowledge of all kinds. There been a lot of fires and bombing around the World of late what are they hiding or stealing or both at this time.

  10. Leaks are usually wet, but these are “inflammatory”. Let’s see if they announce some “unfortunate” data losses…

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