1. I may be no astrophysicist but the remark that the present moons of Saturn were formed from a mass of “rubble” seems rather, well, unscientific. In any case, the reference to the “present set of moons” is telling and suggests as yet unexplained catastrophic events that until no so long ago were a definite NO-NO in academia. As for the rings, may be a step away from the Begrun hypthesis being outed by “official” science. Velikovsky must be having a good laugh now!

  2. Robert Barricklow

    I wo9nder how many artificial moons there are in “our” solar system?
    How many owners?
    Or, is property a barbarian concept?

    1. Property is deffinately a barbarian concept. Without it everyone would have a plot of land to live on and to grow their own garden and raise their own livestock. Look at all the inefficiently used and misused land around us. There is no real need for anyone to be homeless in this day and age except for the ego trip some get owning all the usable land and denying the use of it to those in need. Unless those in need prove useful and slave away the majority of their life doing something useful for those who control the land use for their personal gain and prestige and not for the betterment of the human race.

      1. Robert Barricklow

        That’s why the Haitian Revolution[1791] doesn’t get ink.
        It was the property revolution; by definition,
        the slaves were property.
        No Press![at least from those who own a press]

  3. “So the question arises, what caused the recent birth of the inner moons?” asks Cuk. “Our best guess is that Saturn had a similar collection of moons before, but their orbits were disturbed by a special kind of orbital resonance involving Saturn’s motion around the Sun.”

    Or… a neighboring planet went boom, and the orbital resonance was thrown out of whack, requiring the deep to be remeasured.

  4. Just what would be left after mining a moon. Mostly rocks of various sizes orbiting the planet in the same orbit the moon once had. If you were still processing those rocks for oar, you would string them out in a ring and place your mining equipment in the ring. Just what was it those probes photographed in the rings of Saturn? Could it have been mining equipment? Vessels of this nature would have to be rather large to process the oar and would hide in the rings quite nicely from earthbound telescopes.

  5. what came first, the chicken or the artificial moon?
    cant wait for the joint ESA/NASA mission to get there and be eaten by titans.
    Arthur did warn us.

  6. Evidence of your Cosmic War Joseph or a case of gigo garbage in garbage out. These scientist worship their computer models.

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