Hey folks the interview on the JFK Assassination with Forum Borealis is here:


  1. I’m a former New Orleanian. Met Jim Garrison at age 12, the Summer the Shaw trial investigation was leaked to the Press. He would have beeen very gratified to see just how far his investigation has come via proxy. We honor him and all those who pioneered the “Quest for Truth” from the myriad of official smoke screens our tax money has purchased. The JFK/RFK/MLK/UFO Conspiracy effort were in fact,the first “Open Source” movements. We should also remember all of those who lost their lives attempting to bring us that information. Keeping the investigation/s alive honors their memories and sacrifices.

  2. I had some extra time and listened to the whole 3 hours of this excellent interview. I keep wondering how Joseph can find time to do these 1 – 3 hour interviews, do deep research for his books and write them, do a daily blog, interact with the members section and still find time for personal business and sleep. Amazing time management skills!

    I was in the last semester of high school when JFK was assassinated, so I’ve followed this investigation for quite some time. A book that came out in 2008, “Legacy of Secrecy” by Lamar Waldron and Thom Hartmann is thick and well footnoted and documented. They contend that it was Godfathers Carlos Marcello of Louisiana and Santos Trafficante of Tamapa, Florida and that rogue CIA agents and extremely angry Cuban exiles from the Bay of Pigs helped out also. Critics of the book say the authors didn’t look into and give enough weight to main CIA involvement. Joseph says that they all have part of the truth, and that no researcher has given enough attention to the Nazi connection. I’ve also read Joseph’s “LBJ and the Kennedy Assassination.”

    What ever the case, the Mafia played a significant role in the conspiracy.

    Here’s a few tidbits about the JFK assassination not mentioned. Nixon was tied in with the Mafia since the day he entered politics in 1946. He probably wasn’t involved in the conspiracy, but surely knew it was coming via his deep Mafia contacts.

    Joseph mentions a professional sniper that probably shot from the Texas Book Depository, not Oswald. It’s true, Oswald wasn’t even on the 6th floor, as he was spotted a minute after the shots in the 2nd floor cafeteria, calm, not out of breath, at a vending machine. No way he could have made it down there that fast. Also, tests done by the Dallas Police on Oswald’s cheeks show he hadn’t fired a rifle that day.

    The shots probably came from the 9th floor, as a couple told FBI investigators that they spotted a man with a rifle sticking it the window of the 9th floor before the shots. They figured he was a Secret Service agent. That report was quashed and never made it to the Warren Commission, but remained on file and only released in the early 2000’s.

    The shooter behind the grassy knoll was most likely a pro underground sniper recruited from France. I forget his name, as I don’t have the “Legacy of Secrecy” book in front of me. A man posing as a Secret Service agent behind the fence at the grassy knoll was later identified as Bernard Barker by eye witnesses, often used for “dirty work” by the Mob, FBI and the CIA. He was also one of the Watergate burglars.

    The CIA has over a million classified files on the JFK assassination that they’re suppose to make public in 2017. Experienced researchers doubt that the CIA will turn them all over, as they have a history of doing. It may be awhile before the full conspiracy story is revealed.

  3. Isn´t Peter Dale Scott besides an investigator a former Canadian diplomat, not American… although he is probably both… By Peter Janney’s account of Mary Pinchot Meyer’s assassination –by the same group of interests that mounted her faked lone-assassin, meticulously instrumented assassination eleven months after her lover’s. The pivotal figure was the Dulles brothers’ counterintelligence operator, James Jesus Angleton, who appears to have been Fidel Castro’s savior from several CIA attempts against his life which flopped… the elements disappeared into thin air it seems. Information derived mostly from Shimon, the White House “guard” deathbed confessions to his daughter regarding the goings on in their kitchens when she was littel, with Santos Trafficante among others in close contact to JJAngleton. That is one great book not to forget. Will try to get yours once I’m back in the States… And will send you those I promised long ago… Simone Weil’s Need for Roots… Thanks for your work and dedication, my dears… http://www.institutosimoneweil.net http://www.mama-doc.com

  4. Thanks Al and Joseph for yet another amazing discussion about the crime and criminals who killed JFK and hijacked our country. I’ve listened three times now and catch new details each time. I’m looking forward to the next installment. … BTW, I’m sure Joseph knows but misspoke: LBJ’s mistress was Madeleine Duncan, not the notorious Madeleine Albright ;-( And the secret space conference was in 2014, not 2004. … I’ve sent a small donation to Al and the FB team, well deserved!

  5. marcos toledo

    A long but as usual a great interview Joseph heard you on Jimmy Church Fade To Black live last week.

  6. I suppose I am still left without words of substance. But you never fail to amaze with the quality and depth of your knowledge. Thank you for recording this with Al.

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