May 31, 2016 By Joseph P. Farrell

This article was shared by Mr. V.T., and I've simply got to blog about it, given all the concerns about CERN's large hadron collider:

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So what's the conCERN here? Where's the high octane speculation? China wants to build a bigger better version of CERN's Large Hadron Collider, so what?

In my book, The Third Way, I called CERN's LHC a "cosmology cartel", for the simple philosophical reason that it was a monopoly on cosmological-quantum mechanical science; there was no way to independently check its results unless one built a similar or larger collider, and hence, "big science" had marched itself into a philosophical corner: how would one duplicate results and confirm an experiment independently of the CERN Cartel itself? The question assumes some importance since CERN claims to have found the Higgs boson, the so-called "God-particle" that, in the standard theory, is responsible for imparting mass. Some, though not many, have questioned the result, thus casting a faint but palpable pall over its scientific ukases.

The only way to combat and verify such a priesthood is to have your own collider, and reperform the same experiments, which China wants to do.

Now, stop and ponder for a moment what this narrative has now asked you to do.  It has asked you to believe that China wants to spend billions of dollars to construct a machine to verify CERN's results, all in the name of "pure science."  I don't know about you, but color me skeptical here, because the last time I checked, humanity has a track record of spending lots of money on scientific projects only when they promise to give them some sort of military leverage over competotors.

Which brings us to today's high octane speculation. Over the course of a book (The Third Way), some discussions in the members' vidchats, and in a few blogs, I have pointed out two basic things about CERN's toy: (1) it is the world's largest user of the Internet, disseminating its results to scientific teams around the world for analysis. Given the billions of collisions and data that are generated in the collider, computer algorithms do the initial selection of events for scientists to analyze, and (2) the collider (actually, FIVE colliders), generate such enormous magnetic fields, in coms cases, several times the Earth's local magnetic field, that it is conceivable that the machine might have planetary effects, having nothing to do with particle physics and everything to do with torsion, and even perhaps with physiological and weather effects, notwithstanding all the theories out there about ":strangelets(quark gluon plasmas), and that, given all this, there might actually be a secret project, a second set of computer filter algorithms, designed to "pull" anomalous events, and to correlate these data with other data, ranging from geodetic data, weather phenomena, and even sociological data like market performances, crime statistics, and so on. Indeed, these types of "data correlation experiments" as I have called them, have gained a certain amount of traction within the alternative community, with various amateur websites looking at such possibilities.

Which brings us back to China, and its collider, and some (really) high octane speculation. Suppose, for a moment, the Chinese might suspect such things are going on, above and beyond the public-consumption particle physics and "strangelets" creation. If they suspected, even for a moment, that these possibilities were in play, then would you want only the European powers to have access to such a machine, with its vast military potential(on this highly speculative reading of things, to be sure)?

Answer: probably not.

And therewith, we may be looking at a new kind of "military race". a "collider race." If this reading be at all anywhere near the truth, then one can expect other countries to get in on the "race" as well. Time, of course, will tell, But for the moment, I am skeptical of the reading that says this is all in the name of "pure, and big 'science.'" And even if it is, China will be in a position to challenge CERN's current "cosmology cartel."

See you on the flip side...