1. I suspect zionists are a part of it but you can’t forget the Mason’s either they’ve been around for awhile, this is going to get interesting

  2. in my humble opinion every word written in the DB article is the honest-to-God truth-

    Larry in Germany

    1. There is no beer in heaven, that’s why Larry has them here (and deserves one now).

  3. marcos toledo

    Europe is trapped in a time warp it never advance beyond it’s warring states period. China, Persia, Russia consolidated into true Nation-States whereas Western Europe never advance beyond China’s warring states in reality super tribes engaged in tribal warfare. They are what Romans would refer to as educated barbarians.

    1. My post on this is being moderated but I suspect it is Zionists who are behind everything. They have lost control of some countries and are losing control of others so things are getting interesting.

  4. I suspect religious extremists of the ones no one is allowed to criticize is behind all this and that is why they refuse to alter their plans despite the failure of it’s publicly stated goals. The chaos and internal division seems to be targeted at every culture and peoples except their own. There seems to be a race between the families of certain bloodlines among these once landless globally scattered tribes to be the one who finally conquers the world for their chosen people and thus fulfills the carefully planned prophecy of the messiah. It seems every major religion, government, and financial entity has been infiltrated and taken over to achieve these dreams. Prophecy appears to be a blue print and a mandate to them and one they seem unwilling to veer away from no matter the destruction trying to fulfill this egotistical goal wreaks on the planet.

    1. Roger, part of the ‘problem’ you brilliantly-describe (the messiah aspect) comes from the way that-faith’s fundamentalists view the world. I understand that, since their holy books are hard-wired, every current event is parsed-back to some similar event in their history. They then attempt to understand AND RESOLVE it in a manner similar to how it was resolved several thousand years ago. For those folks, ‘progress’ stopped at the time the books were written down, and everything since then is simply ‘echos’ to follow. That includes ‘kingdoms’, ‘prophets’, and ‘messiahs’.

      In a certain manner of speaking, those folks are the ultimate left-brain ‘addicts’ – using only the deductive capability of the left-brain, rather than the holistic (and current) aspects of the right-brain. Even better, use both…

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