1. Hmmm. Let me see. Let’s say I’m a fellow with a first name that rhymes with “bad”. Let’s say I have an alternative to SWIFT that is underutilized. Let’s say I have a bone to pick with some banksters who have been attacking me financially. Let’s say I have a neighbor to my southeast who is also being attacked by said banksters. Let’s say we both have first rate programmers and various state sponsored “programs” to utilize their skills.

    Hmmm. What a great way to advertise our new and improved SWIFT system! Show how vulnerable the old one is. Repeatedly for larger and larger amounts.

  2. Robert Barricklow

    Economic warfare/coups in Venezuela & Brazil.
    South America is being hit at multiple locations multiple times.

  3. I might throw this in with the Anonymous attacks mentioned by Joseph a few days ago. It could be intelligent, ethical geeks hitting the PTB where it hurts. Or, it could be a calculated ‘hit’ on the integrity of the current financial system in the run-up to the Russian/Chinese alternate financial system coming on-line. Time will tell…

  4. marcos toledo

    Could this have anything to do with a certain refugee in the Ecuadoran embassy in London. Or more likely a fore taste of what we could look forward to if the stupid fantasies of the wiseguys bankers-economists wet dream of a cashless society is implemented across the world a embezzler dreams what could go wrong.

    1. My immediate thought was the same. An act of retribution because of Ecuador’s shielding of Julian Assange.

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