1. it’s not much of a topic in corporate media – still it’s not exactly buried either.

    so why such obvious attacks in our face? besides instilling fear?

    is mr global trying to illustrate another hegellian dialectic for us to imagine and him to try to bring about?

  2. Milton Zentmyer

    In light of your new book, Islam and Nazis are joined at the hip and have been before, during and after the second world war. So, the Eastern Orthodox church is a target because it is a powerful spiritual force in the world, it will not bend to political pressure. Who set the blaze: ISIS or another arm of Islam at the behest of their corporate sponsors. Easy.

    Hitler was very fond of Islam. He said that the Germans had the wrong religion. Christianity was too flabby, soft, teaching forgiveness…..LOVE. Islam, in his opinion, was virile and strong and “clean” LOL. You will not find the word LOVE in the Koran, Haddith or the Sunna. Not there.

  3. So even the Daily-Oligarch Mail suspects that there is a “conspiracy” afoot…

  4. daniel eriksen

    Interesting that Orthodox Christianity should come up as a topic.
    In the Western world (especially in our high school courses on ‘History’!) we know pretty much nada about the early, Eastern Christian tradition. If research is done, it shows an amazing 2000yrs of deep psychology helping people involved to keep a sane balance re: good vs evil, right vs wrong, health vs sickness. I’ve heard it called ‘sanctified common sense’; and also another comment to me, years ago, by a convert priest, “Western civilization is Christianity gone crazy”.
    Worth pondering. And perhaps a clue as to why Russia and Putin may be ‘on the menu’ as Joseph Farrell likes to say at times about other regimes.

    1. “An Insight into Orthodox Christianity: Interview with The Saker”
      by Katherine Frisk for ‘The International Reporter’

      thesaker dot is/an-insight-into-orthodox-christianity-interview-with-the-saker/

      “Russia and Islam, part two: Russian Orthodoxy”
      by The Saker

      thesaker dot is/russia-and-islam-part-two-russian-orthodoxy/

  5. What in the church could burn to start such a massive blaze? Pews? It’s a stone building. Looks like arson to me.

  6. marcos toledo

    Anyone remember the Crusades they were suppose to help rescue the Eastern Roman Empire. Instead they ended up destroying it and we got the Ottoman Turks taking over large parts of south central-eastern Europe including Greece for centuries. And they’re still there and the Barbary Pirates have been reactivated.

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