June 6, 2016 By Joseph P. Farrell

This very important story was shared by Ms. KM, and it's so signifiant I simply have to blog about it, especially given the previous weeks' stories about various banks being hacked. Only this one is far more serious:

"Anonymous" Hacks Federal Reserve; Grabs Stock Ownership files!

Now the title here says it all: the hacking group Anonymous has allegedly hacked not only the FEderal Reserve, but stolen files indicating which corporations the US Fed has purchased:

The hacker group known as "Anonymous" has announced it successfully penetrated multiple systems within the federal reserve bank, and successfully downloaded two crucial files: One showing an account number and the stocks owned by that account number, the other showing an account number and the name of the owner of that account. Without having BOTH files, no one could ever tell who owned what.  Anonymous claims they stole BOTH files!

Anonymous says the federal reserve bank owns more than fifty percent of the stock in quite a few major US Corporations!  If the fed had not purchased these vast quantities of stocks (Think Dow Jones Industrials (DJIA) and the S&P 500) both markets would have crashed long ago!

Even worse, the group claims that the US federal reserve also purchased stocks in foreign companies and foreign banks in such vast quantities as to prop-up European and Asian markets!!!!

Now there's an implication here that is also equally disturbing. Since the Federal Reserve is a privately owned stock corporation, the actual owners of its stock are also not well known, though it has been more or less an accepted theory in the alternative research community that the major banking families have been the major owners ot the Fed's own stock since its founding, but there's never been a real historical history of who owned how much, nor how these blocks of stock might have changed over time. The usual suspects are, of course, the Morgan interests, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Warburgs, Schiffs, and so on. But what was true in 1913 may not be true now.

If this story is true, the possibility thus arises that Anonymous may have found these files as well, and knows exactly who owns how much, and has been profiting from the Fed's activities. Consider that implication in the light of the 2008 bailout hearings, where the banksters informed Congress that they wanted billions in bailouts, and could tolerate no Congressional oversight on where all that money went.

So what;s the high octane speculation here? Well, for one thing, consider that if this story is true, it would give Anonymous enormous "blakmail" power, and the threat of exposure of some of this information could be an indicator of some behind-the-scenes blackmail. But for our purposes, the more important question is who, or what, is behind Anonymous? Many have speculated that the group may be a front group for Russia or China, since it seems to choose its targets carefully, and these have been almost completely directed at some of the pillars of the "deep state" and financial system of the West and of the USA. In the context of the ongoing economic warfare taking place between the West and the two principal BRICSA nations, the thesis has some merit. There is also the possibility that Anonymous represents a kind of cyber-warfare operational front for what I have been calling the international Fascist Mafia, that it is truly what it says it is, an international and extraterritorial group. If so, possession of such files alone sends a message, namely, that te group knows exactly who is who in the financial pecking orderand that the list they hold shows exactly where, and how, all that bailout money was used, and ultimately, who may really be determining the policies of the fed.

But any way one slices it, if the story is true, there's probably a lot of anxious banksters and family banking dynasty patriarchs not sleeping too soundly these days.

See you on the flip side...