17 thoughts on “NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM JUNE 16 2016”

  1. The Break-Away group could be setting up the US for a fall. If the Break-Aways see the US as a threat. How better to have the US eliminated if not by Russia? in a war we start? Who and how the US military is being run for whose benefit is in question. IF the Bush/Clinton cabal is going down: THEN would they not take the US down with them: ELSE (?):

  2. The Orwellian state of media news is a given. So ant reading of defense is offensive. Or, when writing of The Ukraine; saying it can be forgiven[means: they pay us to write this globalized baloney]. The Invaded Ukraine is an occupied territory[DVD territorial rights of The Ukraine have just been sold to Disney].

    1. The Breakaway Civilization could be playing the U.S. against Russia and the rest of the as yet unslaved nation states; to get a hot war going. They will help each side decimate each other; then step on the face of humanity when the dust clears.

          1. Just like in the Carter Administration, the politics of sports plays as the golden Midas hand.
            Competition among athletes will be among The Chosen Nations; chosen by none other than the Globalized, Corporatized, Dehumanized – Fearless Leaders.

            Let The Fixed Games Begin!

  3. Russia has made it more than clear that they possess technology about which the USA knows little to nothing. There are articles in all sorts of national websites that indicate the USA intends a first strike engagement against the Russian nation. When I first saw these articles pop up, I thought they were so much propaganda, but lately the sheer volume and the illumination of tactical operations underway indicate a USSA ready to engage in first strike.

    There has been a fundamental insanity in US foreign policy since the murder of John F Kennedy. Each year it deepens and these think tanks and military and intelligence professionals make pronouncements to each other and because they are all speaking in a barrel they believe their own propaganda. One clear example was their assertion that the Iraqi people would greet American military as saviours and heroes for toppling Hussein: they totally believed that story they kept telling each other until reality proved it to be delusion. That is the gravest problem with the USA and the nations under its Imperial thumb i.e., that absolute delusion governs their policies, projects, schemes, and plans.

    Russian restraint has shocked me. I have tremendous admiration for those on the Russian side who have refused to bite the bait being sloshed in their direction on a daily basis.

    1. ^Very well stated.

      The JFK coup d’etat installed the present fascist Cabal which has reigned uninterrupted since 1963. The brains among them play the Fabian long game and have slowly transformed the USG into Reagan’s “Evil Empire” and American society into a vast, creepy carny show populated by hustlers and sharks and a vast mass of deluded marks.

      The Strangelovian hounds they unleashed are pressing Russia in an insane gambit and there is no upside if it ever comes to war, which will be over in a half hour, give or take, and none will survive. As I’ve said before, it’s a death cult.

  4. From article:
    “Northrop Grumman RQ-4 Global Hawk was apparently commandeered by Russian electronic warfare and landed in Simferopol”

    If true, this is Major. The RQ-4 is not only the best UAV that America has (excluding deep black assets), it is usually loaded to the gills with the latest intelligence-gathering gear. Soft-landing one of these would be catastrophic – on par with the commandeering of the USS Pueblo or the landing of a crippled USN EP-3 spy plane on Hainan Island. Wow.

    Silence on this story could be either ‘not true’ or truly ‘shocked and awed’. We will see…

  5. Russia, Persia, India, China have been around for a long time as consolidated states. With periods of disunion the same can’t be said for the CSA and Western Europe as for military spending that has been a Ponzi scam slush fund for ages in these societies. Unlike the first mention they know what it means win or die they’ve been there war is no game to them they are ironically true capitalist in how they spend money for their defense. There always corruption but in war feathering your own nest is fatal.

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