June 7, 2016 By Joseph P. Farrell

If you've been a regular reader here, you'll know that one of the things we've been tracking on this website is how American "exceptionalism" and unipolarism have actually been creating a backlash among the US'a more important allies, and producing some obvious fissures, cracks, and starins in the post-war system of alliances, like NATO. These cracks and fissures have grown to the point, as we've seen in previous weeks and months, that individual European nations are so upset over the heavy-handedness of the EU, growing dissatisfaction with the TTIP "agreement", US adventurism, and particularly the ongoing mess in the Ukraine, largely a creation of Washington, of various US NGOs, and corrupt Ukrainians, and an ongoing refugee crsis which some stories on the internet maintain is actually a creation of Washington's not Frau Merkel's making, that they are quietly but very definitely circumventing the whole Russian sanctions regime.

Witness, for example, the recent visits of German Laender politicians to Russia, the pending visit of Jean-Claude Juncker, the recent Italian refusal to allow the US to expand a naval base in Italy. Now, you can add Spain to the list of countries increasingly unhappy with the NATO-Washington-London diktats, a problem amplified by the continued British presence on Gibraltar:

Spain ‘betrays NATO allies’ hosting Russian warships – oh, really?

One wonders, exactly, what Spain has to gain from continued subservience to London and Washington, or by assuming and adopting its current "Russia is the big bad boy" narrative. As the article points out, Spain, still a sovereign nation regardless of what the dogmas of the western globalists says, is perfectly within its rights, and more important, is pointing our how deep and serious the cracks and fissures between the US and Europe have become:

But the fact that NATO has essentially frozen relations with Russia and that the European Union has imposed economic sanctions on the country hasn’t stopped NATO and EU countries from allowing Russian ships to use their Mediterranean ports for resting, refueling and restocking.

Malta, an EU member has also played host to Russian ships. Greece, which has continued to maintain friendly relations with Russia while also being member of both NATO and the EU, has done the same. It is believed Russia is also seeking the right to use ports in Cyprus. But according to Luke Coffey, an analyst at the Washington-based conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation, of all the traitors to NATO, Spain is “the worst”. Spain’s behavior is “irresponsible” particularly at a time when Russia is actively attempting to “dismember” Ukraine, he says.

Leaving aside Coffey’s obvious lack of nuanced knowledge or expertise on the Ukraine crisis, there is one thing he’s right about: The issue reveals how divided Europe really is over its policy towards Russia. The “united front” is more like a flimsy facade, with countries reluctant to spoil their own individual relations with Moscow for the sake of a grand strategy of containment which may not really be to their benefit, particularly if there is a thaw in relations however unlikely that may appear today.

The mention of the Ukraine brings us to what is, at the moment anyway, one of the principal issues at the heart of the mess: the western, versus Russia's, narratives of what went on, and is going on, in the Ukraine, and its effect on Europe. The sanctions are an offshoot of that narrative, and the actions of the European nations, and particularly major nations like Italy, Spain, France, Germany, highlight the fact that while there may be public agreement on that narrative, that public agreement is increasingly fraying, while behind the scenes, and all along, everyone knew the narrative was problematic, at the minimum. To accuse Spain alone, as is now being done in Washington, is folly.

The time has come for a complete rethink and reset of European-American relations, because treating Europe as nothing but an American satrapy isn't working, and is only weakening, and not strengthening, ties. And if the Washington wheelers and dealers are as concerned about the growth of Russo-Chinese power and intentions are as worried as they claim to be, then they cannot afford to lose the friendship and goodwill of Europe. Gibraltar or no Gibraltar, Spain sits astride the gateway to the western Mediterranean. Alienating it is not a good idea.

That's my two cents' worth.

See you on the flip side...