1. European businesses and European workers do NOT favor sanctions continuation. European politicians might soon begin to act as if they were elected. ;-).

  2. The Western super-elites motto is screw everybody. Turn the Earth into a planetary gladiatorial area. With the rest of us killing each other for their entertainment and whether your a Celt-Teuton-Slav means nothing to them your just garbage to them just another game piece to be used and discarded at their pleasure.

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Divide and Conquer.

      By the way, as Goshawks pointed out, there is a new format where our comments from other days are not showing up in the normal recent comments section.
      [It strengthen the moderator bot’s memory hole.]

      For example, I just commented on your reply in the latest news & views of Jun 9.

      1. RB, it is good that you (and any others) are mentioning the recent ‘comments section’ changes. Readers need to know about such changes, to form their own opinions.

        Perhaps, Dr. Farrell will weigh-in on the changes, if he was not the one instigating them…

        1. Guys, the comments section is not delineated by the validity or source of the comment. One section is for comments on public posts, the other is for comments on member content. It looks like more of a marketing thing, not a marginalization. As far as why your comments might get blocked sometimes, chances are that non member comments are examined more closely by whatever software Daniel uses to ensure the site isn’t inundated by spam bots. Granted this is all speculation, but I doubt there’s an agenda perpetuated by the site owners,

          1. Robert Barricklow

            The Commercialized Internet went to the dark side a while back.
            It is the Dark Net that still has a somewhat free spirit.
            Yet, sadly, all sides spin from the inertia of the realm’s coin/its illusionary power of so-called acceptance.

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