1. Recently the Chinese have been obviously rude in their diplomatic efforts in dealing with the UK and member states of the EU. I also note the enormous uptick in belligerent declarations from the Chinese Communist government aimed at the USA that can be summed up “you’ve picked the wrong enemy, bubba”.

    The insistence by the Chinese Communists that theirs is a market economy is certainly a creative fiction, but what will be more telling is whether or not Merkel and the EU buy into it knowing of the USA’s deep opposition to granting the PRC the coveted market-economy status.

    I also view Japan’s recent efforts with Vietname and Russia to be more about an outflanking strategy with regard to Chinese aggressive action on many fronts rather than any real concern about the clearly floundering if not failing American Empire.

  2. Obvious comments scrubbed do political/economical comments.
    Both separate comments, both about twelve words total.
    Obvious censorship.
    A fanatical rentier bot, no doubt.

      1. T.J.
        What concerns me is that arrow fly flies in the dead of night, because no one sees, it achieves its deadly aim: self censorship.

        I can see self censoring 4-letter words and obvious hatred; but not self censoring to get past some oblique & opaque screening bot/human? .

        1. Robert, it’s because your arrows are such a threat, they land dead on center. The predator is always on the prowl, your insight, intuition and accuracy scares them.

          1. Thanks Sandygirl,
            Yourself and others here are all contributing to the file – Deceiver and deceived are trapped in a co-evolutionary struggle that continuously improves adaptions on both sides.

  3. The US oligarchs dream they’re entitled to everything. Anyone who’s not a uber-rich Northern European deserves nothing and must give the crumbs they have to these filthy rich. And their own poor class are in the same boat with the rest of the World.

    1. Lets face it Tokyo, Berlin, want the CSA-NE garrison troops of the last seventy years out of their countries. And Russia, China want to get on with good old fashion trade in Eastasia and the rest of the World. Without the afore mention war mongers messing things up.

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