1. The current focus is on nation states reasserting their sovereignty and withdrawing from the bureaucratic dictatorship of the EU.

    My focus is on the very real possibility that a few nations in Europe could in themselves shatter without much of a push.

    In such a situation a BRD that could manage to stay united would de facto become the German regional superpower, but I note that there continue to be strange rumblings in Bavaria that have not been heard in a very long time. And the Austrians are much more interested in what Mr. Orbán in Hungary is doing than what is happening in Berlin.

    1. Pellevoisin Europe especially Western Europe is at heart tribal it never recovered from the fall of the Roman Empire. Attempts at unity have always been sabotaged hyper individualism is promoted as freedom antisocial is a virtue social a vice-sin. It’s always been tribalism-empire is the meme.

      1. MT, it makes one wonder what France would be (now) if Julius Caeser’s siege at Alesia – of Gauls under the leadership of Vercingetorix – had been broken. That one event lead to the subjection and romanization of the Gauls over the area of what is now France.

        Would pre-France tribes have retained Gaulic characteristics, the way the Germanics retained Teutonic characteristics because of the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest?

        1. I also wonder if my ancestor’s Celtiberian languages would still be spoken, thus be accepted into what forms today the Celtic Nations.

          Spain’s attempt to enter was rejected many times because we did not retain the ancient language and culture, thanks to the ancient invasions by Rome # I and the religious conversions by Rome # II.

          1. iZeta, this makes me wonder who the Basque people are/were. Basque is Europe’s oldest non-Indo-European language, not related to all the Latin sub-groups. A ‘remnant’ of some earlier group?

            Also, was the Basque-speaking area always along only the region that is located around the western end of the Pyrenees on the coast of the Bay of Biscay? Or, was it originally larger and almost got pushed out of existence by Indo-European expansion?

          2. Wikipedia:
            “Several ancient DNA samples have been recovered and amplified from Palaeolithic sites in the Basque region. The collection of mtDNA haplogroups sampled there differed significantly compared to their modern frequencies. The authors concluded that there is ‘discontinuity’ between ancient and modern Basques.”

    2. “…There have been Strange rumblings in Bavaria, although that may have something to do with their sausage” Blackadder ll

  2. Do the German elites think(dream)that they have inherited the mantle of the Roman Empire. After all their motto is Germany Over The World what does that tell us about their mindset.

  3. marcos toledo

    Do the German elites know what they are really doing. DO the rest of the European elites and their colonial elites in the Americas and Australia think. Or has mindless psychobabble replace or substitute for thought in the West.

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