June 4, 2016 By Joseph P. Farrell

A few days ago, as I was taking care of some household chores, I was listening to the radio, as I often do (it's marginally more tolerable than the dreck on cable tv), and a new story ran about President Obama addressed the U.S. Air Force Academy of graduating cadets. There were the usual cuts of Mr. Obama's various remarks to the assembly, which were in the main very gracious and apposite to the occasion. At one juncture he even quipped how much he is going to miss Air Force One, and said some kind things about the Air Force crews he had worked with during the past two terms of his Administration.

This story then turned to yet another story, about how one of the Air Force's elite Thunderbirds had crashed during Mr. Obama's speech, or shortly thereafter, with the pilot having to eject(which he did, safely). This little news item, dropped in as it were into an otherwise prosaic explanation and review of Mr. Obama's remarks, sent my Suspicion Meter into the "Moderately Suspicious/Unusual Coincidence" zone (that would be the light yellow zone right next to the green zone, for all you conspiracy theory debunkers who don't own a Suspicion Meter, or have one of those cheap models which only registers in the green zone, all the time, no matter what. These meters, it should be known, are CIA surplus models sold to the general public in the wake of the JFK assassination non-conspiracy).

I didn't think much more about it, went about my third load of laundry, and my suspicion meter gradually dropped back into the green zone...

... that is, until I received the following email, with its telltale picture, from Mr. R.P.:

Thunderbirds fighter jet crashes in Colorado Springs after flyover at Air Force Academy graduation

Now, if one pauses to look at that picture of the supposedly crashed Thunderbird jet, what we're seeing definitely is an aircraft, downed in a field somewhere, presumably off the end of the runway (with the skid marks through the field noticeable in the picture), and a jet otherwise remarkably undamaged, with a slightly crumpled up nose. We're informed in the article itself that the pilot, Major Alex Turner, was indeed on final approach for landing, and that his landing gear was down, and this means he may have been flying at a velocity of at least 100 knots, if not more, and that his altitude was comparatively low, though were are not informed at what altitude it is estimated that he ejected. Many airplanes skid off of runways, and look relatively undamaged, but the pointis there is damage, and we see so little here.

So my suspicion meter is at least in the orange zone. As Mr. R.P. put it in his email to me, might we be looking at evidence of a remotely controlled airplane? The pilot's remarks in this respect indicate he was trying to direct the aircraft away from homes, and this might be taken to imply he was having some sort of difficulty with the control of the aircraft. Oddly, the Denver Post article ends by noting that the good condition of the aircraft was a testimony to Major Turner's piloting skill (he is, after all, a member of an elite flying team).

Now I find this all rather difficult to believe, for as Mr. R.P. also pointed ou in his email, this plane came down in this fashion after the pilot had supposedly ejected. Apparently. Major Turner was such a good pilot he was able to control the aircraft and bring it down in such good condition after he had ejected from it!

Then an Air Force Thunderbird jet comes down in relatively good condition after the pilot reports remarkably unspecified trouble. Reall? We're to believe Major Turner radioed the tower and simply said I'm having unspecified trouble with the aircraft and left it at that, and not "ive lost hydraulics" or "I have a flame out" or at least something more specific? Though my suspicion meter is not in the red zone on this one, it's not in the green zone either, and it looks to me like someone is sending a little message to Mr. Obama to stay on the reservation. In a political (s)election cycle that has constant and increasing focus on Hillary's email problems, on Mr. Trump's taxes, and on the Clinton Foundation's activities, one just has to wonder- if this was a message - just who was sending it...

On the other hand, of course, this could be just a coincidence, and there's nothing at all going on here.

But of course, this is one of those "you tell me" sorts of things.

See you on the flip side...