June 16, 2016 By Joseph P. Farrell

There are those, in spite of stories like the present one shared by Mr. A.B., who continue to disbelieve in the reality of brain entrainment and control technologies:

Scientist’s (Sic) are Developing a Mind-Reading Machine that Can Read and Translate Your Thoughts Into Text, Including Images

Assuming for the sake of argument the story, as reported is true, just consider the implications of the claims:

A device that might make our internal monologues a thing of the past was just announced as being under development right here in the United States.  This eavesdropping machine can actually hear the little voices inside your head and make them known to others.

The potentially dangerous mind-reading device is being developed by American and German scientists at Yale, with a study led by Professor Marvin Chun and designed by Alan Cowen, a PhD student at the university.

Their efforts are being combined to develop an advanced instrument that turns our secret thoughts into readable text and recognizable imagery. As stated recently in The Daily Mail, scientists on the project have the goal of reproducing audible speech using our inaudible brain functions, and they want to do it in real-time.

Understanding the Mechanism

Electrodes are placed directly on the head correlating with the speech and language centers of the brain.  This is all done while the subject is awake and alert. Electrical responses to various stimuli are monitored and measured by scientists and then matched with computer generated signals which correspond to distinct speech patterns.

While electrodes and underdeveloped technology currently limit the applications for the device, scientists are busily looking for the loopholes. Yale has even teamed up with UC Berkeley to determine how hearing, speaking, and imaging overlap in the brain, with Professor Robert Knight leading the team of researchers.

He stated in a recent interview, “We want to develop an implantable device that decodes the signals that occur in the brain when we think about a word, then turn these signals into a sound file that can be reproduced by a speech device.”  With the device being planned for future implantation, it is not illogical to wonder what the real agenda is.
(Emphasis added)

We've seen similar stories emerge from Japan and elsewhere in the previous years, and the real agenda remains hidden, though we can guess at what it is, and the key is that mention of an implant that reads the mental waves during the occurence of certain words, images, and so on.

A complete mapping of the brain might give the ability to decode an individual's thoughts, and, for an elite hell-bent on total control, for "correction" of abberent thinking.

But now let's add the high octane speculation. As the article notes, such technologies are currently dependent on physical electrode and implants. But imagine, for a moment, the coupling of such a technology to two others: remote EEG (electro-encephalogram) sensing, and AI. IImagine the ability to sense and amplify the brain waves of an individual, say, from a satellite in space; signals could be distinguished and sorted by massive data filtering via supercomputers or even AI. If that sounds nightmarish or even outlandish, it is, but rest assured, if we can think of it, "they" probably already have.

Let's go further. You'll have noticed, if you've been following such stories over the years, that they are all of one nature, namely, what can be done, or is being done, in the ffield of brain manipulation, influence, reading, and control technologies. We are left with the impression of an individual's utter helplessness in the face of the ineluctable advance of technology. What is never mentioned, and I find it highly suspicious, are any stories on research into counter-measures, into "spiritual" or technological means of preventing inttrusion by such technologies. One can assume that if such research into the technologies themselves are undertaken, research into counter-measures cannot be far behind, yet, in the face of this merely logical implication and inevitability, there is a wall of silence cloaking it.

And that, for me, is the bottom lline to today's high octane speculation, for that lack and silence I find extremely suspicious. It suggests that there may be something they aree hiding, perhaps some resilient property of the human mind, perhaps a countervailing technology, perhaps both.

It is this hidden and almost inevitable factor that I find the most intriguing about such articles. It's not what such articles are saying, but rather, what they are not saying, that I find the most interest.

See you on the flip side...