July 6, 2016 By Joseph P. Farrell

Now, I include this video from YouTube, sent to me by Mr. P.J., just for the sake of showing how very bizarre things really are in Europe, and by way of a bit of comic relief. Sooner or later, someone was going to connect the BREXIT to space matters, and although I have attempted to to that, M. Jean Claude Juncker has apparently been conferring with extra-terrestrials, and they're very worried about the future of the EU(I kid you not):

Well, for the sake of argument, let's suppose M. Juncker had not had one too many martinis before speaking, and that , on this rare occasion, he was completely lucid and sober, and that, indeed he meant every word. What I find disturbing in this short peroration is, once again, the implicit notion that ET is our "benevolent space brother" and that we humans are to go along with a horrendously un-democratic, moribund, regulation choked quasi-Fascist entity like the EU just for the sake of appeasing Mr. Juncker's (martini-inspired?) extra-terrestrials. Why is it that when ET talks to someone, be it an Adamski or, now, a Juncker(!), that the message is never positive nor supportive of human institutions and culture, particularly of European or western ones, unless one submits to some sort of unelected dictatorship? I'd be more inclined to take Mr. Juncker seriously - martinis or no martinis - if, say, the messages he was receiving from ET were to the effect of "you need to read the Declaration of Independence, and put it into practice" or "read the New Testament Beatitudes" or "best to brush up on Adam Smith".  But no, ET, according to M Juncker, is all for the EU.

And of course, notably absent from M Juncker's short peroration, is any indication of (1) where he talked to these alleged aliens (a local pub in Luxembourg?), (2) where they're supposedly from, and (3) what else they want.

M. Juncker cannot be bothered with all that, having made on the floor of a non-legistlative body one of the most significant (if true) statements of any major politician. Indeed, the response of the rest of the chamber to his statements about someone "observing from afar" and "other planets" and so on, is one of bland, bored, bureucratic disinterest. Ho hum. Nothing of significance here. Move along.

And move along is exactly what I intend to do!

See you on the flip side...