July 2, 2016 By Joseph P. Farrell

This is in the You-Tell-Me category, for if you've been following the developments lately, Mr. Global seems stunned and shocked about the BREXIT vote and the revolt of certain hitherto-assumed to be "with the program" elites in the UNited Kingdom (even though the clues were there for all to read: Britain in China's Asia Infratsructure INvestment Bank, the Queen inviting promonent politicans "around for tea" and then asking questions about the practicality of the EU (message heard and understood m'um). And, of course, while all this is going on, if you were following my blogs last week about space, it appears that Mr. Central Control Global (that would be the old Rockefailure and Rottenchild sort of stuff we're all used to and sick of), appears to be moving his attempt to create the global superstate that is to be run by altruistic and benevolent - oh I can hardly write that without gagging - banksters like themselves, to outer space, the ultimate expression of their "top down model" and perhaps even a grotesque perversion of the old hermetic mantra, "as above, so below."

Then we have the already-stirring implications of the BREXIT and the collapsing American unipolarism, for make no mistake, as I argued in last weeks' News and Views from the Nefarium, the vote was not only about Brussels lunacy, it was about Washington kookery and run amok unipolarism. (Don't forget to support our John Tyler and Millard Fillmore Presidential Memorial Fund: it's about time presidents who did absolutely NOTHING are honored for the heros they were).

Then we had the sad events in Istanbul, and now, suddenly, Sultan Tayyip Erdogan has forgotten all about his Ottomania and wants to mend the fences with Mr. Putin:

Russia, Turkey Reach Breakthrough Agreement on Fighting Terrorists in Syria

Now, this is of course Russia's Sputnik magazine, but nonetheless, the main thrust of this geopolitical earthquake is clear and more demonstration of the collapse of American unipolarism:

Previously, Turkey supported al-Nusra Front. In his article, Foreign Affairs observer Aaron Stein noted that Ankara began supporting al-Nusra Front in opposition to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). Turkey considers PKK a terrorist group.

As a result, Turkey allowed al-Nusra militants to use its territory for preparing attacks in Syria. Moreover, Ankara long opposed international efforts to put al-Nusra Front on the terrorist list.

According to Sergei Lavrov, Turkey has accepted the new rules of the game in Syria. Now, if moderate opposition forces do not leave the areas controlled by the terrorists they will be considered as terrorists’ accomplices.

"Those who don't want to get hit [by Russian and Syrian airstrikes] need to leave positions occupied by Jabhat al-Nusra [al-Nusra Front] and IS [Daesh]. If the patriotic opposition, constructive opposition remains in areas controlled by terrorists, it needs to withdraw its units. Otherwise it will be considered an accomplice," Lavrov said.

"Turkey sees that the groups it supported are Ankara’s enemies," Viktor Nadein-Raevsky, senior research fellow at the Institute of World Economics and International Relations, told

In other words, Sultan Erdogan has completely reversed his position, and we suspect he may be back on his sanity medication. But in all seriousness, I suspect something else is going on entirely and that it is deeply related to the BREXIT vote and the forces behind it, and deeply related to the sad deaths in Istanbul's Attaturk airport. Turkey's shoot-down of the Russian fighter-jet(which has now called forth an apology from the Sultan, let us remember), occurred before Mr. Obama's statements about the US not needing the Middle East, and needing to be in the Pacific. Translation: US strength is declining and we cannot afford to be everywhere, policing everything and everyone, and the Pacific is where the action is. Add to this mix the growing opposition in Europe to the Islamic invasion, the recent decision of the German Bundestag to call the Armenian genocide what it is(i.e., a genocide) and thereby condemning Turkey (a move which, of course, called forth howls of protest from Mr. Erdogan's Sublime Porte). And the BREXIT vote itself occurred, indicating the growth of the anti-EU movement, which I contend is as much a movement about the non-democratic nature of the Brussels-Berlin-Paris axis, and about its non-workability, in purely financial and economic terms. This movement has now been given even more steam by the British who are determined to reassert their national sovereignty and control.

Then came the attack in Istanbul, and there are three basic ways one can interpret it: (1) it was a false flag attack conducted by the Russians to show Mr. Erdogan he is playing with the wrong people. This, I think, is just extremely unlikely, though in my "inbox" this last week I've received many emails proposing it. But Russia has nothing to gain from such a stunt and everything to lose, for if found out and exposed, their carefully built-up position over the past few years, which, you'll note, has had a strong moral component, would suddenly reverse. (2) it was a false flag done by the Turks themselves to extricate themselves from an increasingly precarious position, especially in the wake the the BREXIT, which is poised to crack up the EU, and hence, crack up one of the Sultan's best regional supporters: A FREXIT France, NEXIT Netherlands, "Oesterreich Aus", Czechout, Italeave, won't be as friendly to all of Mr. Erdogan's refugees as the current crew of kooks in Brussels. Best to sing Kumbaya with Mr. Putin now, before Turkey has a another Treaty of San Stefano moment, with no Bismarck around this time to pull Turkey's fat out of the Russian fire. Finally, there's the possibility that (3), ISIS/Deash/Al Qaeda (or whatever the current flavor of the week is) showed it's ugly hand, and given its connections to certain large-power financial backers, Mr. Erdogan concluded that with friends like these, we need real friends. And real friends, in the world of post-BREXIT geopolitics, are those with common interests, not big banks. If the EU crumbles, Turkey will have no friends in France, Hungary, Austria, Italy, .... you get the idea.

Regardless of whether numbers (2) or (3) are true or not, the bottom line is, you're looking at one of the first consequences of BREXIT, and Mr. Erdogan, let it be noted, didn't beat a hasty trail to the White House, but to the Kremlin.

See you on the flip side....