July 12, 2016 By Joseph P. Farrell

This important article was shared by Mr. M.B., and I want to spend some time with it, both for what it says, and what it implies politically and geopolitically:

Do You Own Your Own Fingerprints? An obscure law could lead to broader limits on biometrics

Note that what is at issue is whether or not you - the individual - are indeed sovereign, with certain inalienable rights granted by God and not governments, and whether you indeed own your own "biometric data," such as your fingerprints, or now, with the advances of technology, your voice print, retina scan, genome, facial biometrics, or any other biological-physiological marker that distinguishes you as an individual human being, or whether, being in "the public doman" your "data" is therefore marketable and the property of corporation and/or governments.  In a country where local or state laws are increasingly overturned by a corrupt and centralized government in Vienna Washington and the corrupt permanent Hapsburg nobility bureaucracy, judiciary, and political corporate class, America is ripe for the sort of "reform" that led to the creation of Austria-Hungary; think of it as Amero-Hungary, or in this case, probably Amero-Texonia, or Ameri-Calitexas, or some such monikker.

Most readers here can readily guess where I stand, but here's the interesting thing about the article:

There’s one place where people seeking privacy protections can turn: the courts. A series of plaintiffs are suing tech giants, including Facebook and Google, under a little-used Illinois law. The Biometric Information Privacy Act, passed in 2008, is one of the only statutes in the U.S. that sets limits on the ways companies can handle data such as fingerprints, voiceprints, and retinal scans. At least four of the suits filed under BIPA are moving forward. “These cases are important to scope out the existing law, perhaps point out places where the law could be improved, and set principles that other states might follow,” says Jeffrey Neuburger, a partner at law firm Proskauer Rose.

The bankruptcy of fingerprint-scanning company Pay By Touch spurred BIPA’s passage. Hundreds of Illinois grocery stores and gas stations used its technology, allowing customers to pay with the tap of a finger. As the bankrupt company proposed selling its database, the Illinois chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union drafted what became BIPA, and the bill passed with little corporate opposition, says Mary Dixon, legislative director of the Illinois ACLU.

Under the Illinois law, companies must obtain written consent from customers before collecting their biometric data. They also must declare a point at which they’ll destroy the data, and they must not sell it. BIPA allows for damages of $5,000 per violation. “Social Security numbers, when compromised, can be changed,” the law reads. “Biometrics, however, are biologically unique to the individual; therefore, once compromised, the individual has no recourse, [and] is at heightened risk for identity theft.”

In April 2015, Chicagoan Carlo Licata, a Morgan Stanley financial adviser, sued Facebook under BIPA, arguing that the company violated his privacy by using its facial-recognition software to create a detailed geometric map of his face and tag him in photos. Two more Illinois residents filed complaints against Facebook the following month.

Note two things here: (1) the imperial federal government in Vienna Washington failed to act to protect its subjects citizens, so Hungary Illinois (2) passed its own law and did so anyway. Now, given the track record of the imperial federal government, I have no doubt that some corrupt and underhanded means will be used to overturn Illinois' law by buying off some corrupt Hapsburg nobleman federal bureaucrat and judge and keep the corporations happy. After all, there's one set of laws for all of us, and quite another for the Hapsburgs Clintons and Bushes.

Now, as one might gather, I think there are huge parallels between the USSA and Austria-Hungary, for I feel oftentimes like I'm living in the latter, without the benefit of the music of Johann Strauss or Mozart. The central government has grown so unwieldy with its decades' long list of special privileges and prerogatives given to this or that newly enobled family special interest, that the balancing act of Vienna Washington coordinating all its handouts is in danger of imploding. And in that situation, Hungarians, Slovaks, Czechs states grow increasingly restive. None of them are in favor of leaving the empire, of course, but a war that few of them wanted, except of course Konrad von Hoetzendorff and the Austrian nobility in Vienna neo-cons in Washington, undid the whole thing anyway.

The lesson? Recently a well-known individual asked me if I thought there was any real danger of the USSA breaking apart. Well, the USSA is the EU; it's Austria-Hungary; it's completely out of touch with its citizenry, ruled by elites in its cities and corporations, and on a reckless course to crush Serbia Russia once and for all.

Do you own your own biometric data? Well, Illinois had to take action where the federal government wouldn't, and any action it would take would, as we all know, be dictated by corporations with no real loyalty to American institutions or culture anyway. Just as in Europe, I think we can watch the natives becoming increasingly restless, and just as in Europe, the elites will try to write it all off as xenophobia, racism, populism, nationalism, and all the isms of its progressivist lexicon of politically incorrect taboos. Funny things, too, for Amero-Hungary and its rulership to cite as causes of their distress, for eventually as we all know, Austria-Hungary issued currency with many languages on it, to assuage everyone that formed its polyglot nightmare, that the officials in Vienna really respected them and "valued" their "contribution" to "the community."

It took a disastrous war for them to see they'd be better off without the Hapsburgs Clinton-Bush neo-cons. Let's hope it does not require the same in our case, but if it is not, then the states, like Illinois, have to step up and do what Vienna Washington won't, and has proven incapable, of doing, and that's protecting its people, their individual sovereignty, their culture, and their expressed wishes in their laws, for the war that was launched to keep the polyglot together ultimately only split it apart.

As for your biometric data, of course you own it. And if any corporation acquires it without your knowledge and consent, that corporation should be shut down, and its officers thrown in jail. Corporations are not persons, and its time to quit treating them as such. As group persons, they carry greater weight with corrupt goverments. But the Declaration of Independence was not about corporations, it was about individual humans. It was not about the privilege of a nobility or a corporation.

See you on the flip side...